Afrojiri Sacco

Siku Njema kwako KTalker

[SIZE=2]Cloudsfm Power Breakfast

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, Kwale [/SIZE]

Undisclosed lokeshen

In before the gays with their flowers.

the @Mathaais …those at @Liberty …to be arseholes

still on undergrad in 2018 …and Uhuru is the prez? …where did the world pass you by?

Halafu those questions… eti … Define weathering?

I. Kid. You. Not

A beaut day y’all…

[SIZE=3]castor oil plant[/SIZE]

Good morning wadau…

Barikiweni nyote.

@Purple ulikataa kutuma za Keringet? Haisuru

Heavenly Father we worship You for You are great. We extol Your wonders because You are an amazing God. You keep us, You shield us, You defend us. When the enemy comes in, You are our shield and we find joy in knowing how You ensure our safety. We pray that You protect us through this day wherever we will be. We love You Abba Father and we thank You for Your continuous protection. Bless the works of our hands. Stretch forth your everlasting hand and heal the sick. Meet us at our points of need. Teach us to love one another. In Jesus name we pray and believe.


Wase wanaamka when am going to sleep… Oh well morning- see yall in 3 hrs… .

Soma kwa bidii . Im impressed, good day to all in the village. During our time my GPA was 3.8

Tuesday reighn

Good morning talkers. Blessed day all.

Looks like ital food though

Are you the one to left?