Afrojiri Sacco

A beaut monday and week y’all


Morning wenyenchi

May the Lord grant us wisdom and vision for this wonderful day. Good day talkers.

Play through the pain.
Limp on your way home.
A blessed week to all.


A Good day and Wonderful Week, Good talkers!

Awoh… morning talkers

Blessed week worthy friends

Morning and blessed week talkers

The sun is up.

Morning talkers,
I hate Mondays but kazi ni lazima.
Have a lovely week.

Good morning Brothers and Sisters, have a beautiful day and blessed week.

Na hii jua yote siamuki na sitoki kwa kitanda.

kuamuka umeamuka…kutoka kwa kitanda ndiyo pengine.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, wishing you a nice Monday and blessed week ahead. Lucky me as I will travel to my “promised land” at the end of this week. Help me to wish that temperatures will be a bit warmer that the 16-20 degrees below zero we presently have here in Germany:(

All the best. where is the Canaan?


wish you well. Is that a chapel in the background?

Ndio umkaribie huko?? New ways to borrow slices everyday!

Have a great week villagers

wee need a littlebit of that cold here huku imewaka sawasawa