Afrojiri Sacco

My mother used to cook beans, but before she cooked the beans, she picked the bad and dirty beans and threw them at our backyard and only cooked the good beans.
But when the rain came, the dirty and bad beans became seed and grew up and looked beautiful; interestingly, that same person who threw them away started harvesting them; and she starts to see that the beans she threw away some time ago had value.

Now let me tell you

  1. Don’t cry when people throw you at the backyard,
  2. Don’t cry when they reject you,
  3. Don’t cry while they are looking down at you.

The rain is coming and the same people who are rejecting you will invite you.

God loves even those that are left out and looked down upon.
God will bless you, just stay connected to him and everyone will see how valuable you are.

Very inspiring message right there VC, TGIF

Great message there Sir,blessed day to all talkers

A beaut Friday y’all

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True story…it happens, it happened 2 me. They’re now running back to me.

Blessed day all.

Wow! What a way to start a day! Have a good day y’all

Blessed day K-Talkers.

@Deorro i saw green gift bag written deorro. Are you the one who had ‘accidentally’ taken my old spice?

Almighty father, at the onset of the week we prayed for your intervention.
Thank you for being with us throughout,
Thank you for the gift of life,
Thank you for the good health,
Thank you for everything you have done in our lives.

Be with us this weekend, protect and guide us in your ways.
Bless our Hustles, businesses and jobs.
Through your son Jesus Christ I pray and believe.

Blessed weekend Virtual Family.

Lord, I trust in your unfailing love, in your promises.
I give this day and all that it holds to you.

May we walk in your goodness,
knowing your gentle hand will guide us,
and keep us.

Have a blessed day Ktalkers.

My cousin stevo, mtu wa nasa damu, died at a political rally recently, burial plans were made and he was to be laid to rest at the langata cemetery. Maboys wake wa mtaa na maboys wa familia wakaamua kuvaa all white for his burial as a show of respect to the departed na story zingine mob za aluta continua…
Baada ya mazishi as I was walking towards a bus stop, nikapitia kijichochoro ndio nifike haraka
Kwa umbali nikaona a small group of people all clad in white gathered around a kiosk…so nikadhani pia wametoka mazishi na tuko kimoja.
Kukaribia naskia sauti ya a very bitter woman complaining against the government… enough is enough, she said, this Kikuyu gava must pay for these murders…after a few more politically charged statements akauliza, " kuna mkikuyu hapa?" The crowd started screening each other looking for a kikuyu looking fellow…
Walking past them yule mwanamke, akaniangalia akasema " kijana, unaitwa nani?" Alafu akanikaribia akanishika kwa mabega with her makaa dirty hands.
Nikamuuliza kwanini ananichafulia shati…with the most sinister looking ngilu smile akanijibu" kitu sisi tafanyia wewe, hizi nguo hutahitaji" wacha niingize baridi…
Ndio nimeamka kama nime sweat mbaya sana…nikakumbuka sina cuzo anaitwa stevo, sijawai enda mazishi langata…na sikai kuitwa kikuyu looking kijana…
Siku njema wazito

Bwakire abagambi…?


Whats up with people who accelerate upon seeing an oncoming vehicle overtaking?

Good morning wakubwa


Morning guys,

Smile some more, laugh some more, love some more. Life’s short.

Happy Friday? :slight_smile:

Morning guys n gals,

Thanks @Meria Mata for the great message.