Afrojiri Sacco

Our Heavenly Father we come before You this beautiful morning that You have made for us. Thank You for our lives and for our health. Father we say thank You for our families. Thank you for Your unconditional Love. Lord we pray that You bless us with Your favour. Provide all our needs and protect us from all harm and evil. Surround us with the shadow of Your wing. Father Go before us and prepare the way for us. If any path is crooked we ask You to make it straight oh Lord. Protect Our Sons and Daughter, Protect our Brothers and Sisters, Protect Our Fathers and Mothers, cover them With Your Blood Rabii. We praise You and Honor You in Jesus Name.
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[ATTACH=full]157246[/ATTACH] Treat people the way you want to be treated, talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned in such a simple way. It’s not a gain.

Amen VC, Have a blessed day Talkers.

I would rather participate in life than write a hundred stories.

Good morning

A beaut day y’all…

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Morning people.
Waking up to all sorts of breaking news.
-shooting in an American school.
-Jacob Zuma finally resigns (not stepping aside)
-Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dead at 65.

Amen ES, Good morning talkers. Do have a Blessed day.

Good morning. Every morning is destiny’s way of telling you that your purpose in life is yet to be fulfilled. Have a blessed day Talkers.

Good morning to you and me . Siku ya uongo imepita, many created enemies , pick your broken loves and continue with your life !

The most amazing thing about God is that He still blesses us inspite of our numerous mistakes. We encounter many short comings but He still grants us His favour. We’re all sinners but we should be glad that there is a great savior. That’s why I wake up every day with a thankful heart because of these great mercies. It’s called God’s grace. Acha nitoe shoebaru kwa parking nionane na lami Sasa… blessed day y’all.[ATTACH=full]157247[/ATTACH]

Good morning my friens?

maua vya reo


Mungu awalinde kwa njia zake


Njaa inanimaliza

umekosa nini?

Niliona nitachelewa nikachomoka empty stomach,saa hii nagoja madam huniletea chai na chapo kazini. She is really taking her time:mad:

Blessed day you all

Amen…Blessed day

@Kasighau ukienda wiki moja missing anarudi na handle tofauti?

muzeeee muzito niaje

Ningependa kutuma salamu kwa mpenzi wangu @Phylgee akiwa pale Kinoo. Nawmwambia aamke aende kazi. Na akuwe na siku njema.