Afrojiri Sacco

A beaut We’n’sday y’all…

[SIZE=1]bee balm/monarda[/SIZE]


Good morning @gashwin @uwesmake and y’all ktalk

It’s a beautiful day

omwami sijalala nakunywa tusker baridi bado

Good morning wanakijiji , jumatano njema.

Good morning everyone. Blessed day.

Can’t wait for Jan nione watu wakiteseka. Guys are balling beyond their wallet capacity.

Good day talkers

Nimetoka kukamua momo yangu na sisumbui

[ATTACH=full]147255[/ATTACH] Morning wadau. Yani two days na karibu zipite na jasho ya mwanaume (phew). Anyway it’s always good to be thankful for the simple things in life especially those that we see as normal day to day occurrences. Too much has happened in just under a 48hrs window period and I just pray and hope that every mad man/woman in this village is safe and sound. I for one truly believe that despite our different views in all aspects shared diversely here or otherwise, we do need each other in 2018. Hope y’all enjoy the dawn of 2017 with alot of gratitude. Wacha nikatafute za kuhonga njanuari isinikalie ngumu.

Siku njema wadau

Go home, hakuna mahali pombe inaenda

ahsande birionea nimetii amri

A very good morning to all those talkers that deserve.
For those others, you can get whatever rocks your miserable existence.

Ebrufy your going home tuamini.

Hehehe. ‘When you wake up from your left side of bed’.

Good day talkers. Holidays come n leave …let’s embark seriously on our daily hustles. 2018 we don’t wanna come here crying broke coz we failed to observe that which is important this year. Rem a successful start brings forth rich returns. Have a fruitful 2018.

Good morning talkers.Insomnia imenishika plus maulevi juu yake ukiongeza kijibaridi cha -17 na mkia iko hapa inadai inanyesha boy child ana usiku mrefu…have a lovely day y”all.[ATTACH=full]147259[/ATTACH]

Bado mko boxing day murume??? Alafu hii maneno ushaasema inanyesha na ukataja mkia hapo…tushaajua tu punguza usiku na mkia.

Mrs Auga alikuwa mwalimu hapo punkoma