Afrojiri Sacco

Lord, we thank You that We can fly with You above the storm and not be overwhelmed by the floods and issues that may arise. We know You are by Our side and We have nothing to fear for You will even destroy my enemies, Lord we pray for Your protection on this day,cover with Ur Blood. Guide our ways Lord,in Jesus name we Pray.





Amen!! and do have a nice Boxing Day talkers



I opened up two gifts this morning

-my eyes

hi hujibiwa aje @Okwonkwo ? Alkaheri ama:D

Amen, and may the grace of God be with us all.



@xuma na @jumabekavu watuelezee.


[ATTACH=full]147140[/ATTACH]Ndo nimeingia kutoka some kaunte and with almost 20lts of this. But we still thankful tumetoboa Christmas

Kwaheri… :slight_smile:

:Dblonde moment there. My Arabic instincts tell me it’s more like good morning if i’m not wrong.

Rattish hunipea heart burn mwenda

Yeah, ukiwa na roho chafu lazima ichome :D. Kwanza ya kutoka kaunte naweza lewesha clan mzima na hii mtungi moja. Leo naona nikisambaratisha boma

Sabalkheri yenyewe ni jibu…swali la kukuamkua huwa [B]mashalkheri.

Happy boxing day talkers.[/B]