Afrojiri Sacco

A beaut Friday y’all…remember everything in moderation as you join family for the super long weekend…

[SIZE=1]scarlet monkey[/SIZE]

Habari yako?

poa ndugu.

Nce Furahii dei and looong xmas holidays.


Niaje mkisiii

pour sana

Woke up to a booty call message. Things are already getting festive

[SIZE=3]Rusinga, Kenya[/SIZE]

Morning talkers,
Christmas carols all over!
Bah! Humbug!


Are you in Rusinga? Chunga hapo kuna madame kama Millicent Odhiambo… Watch your blood pressure.

Good morning Kenya. [ATTACH=full]146643[/ATTACH] courtesy of @MissFlour .
Happy holiday and a blessed weekend.

kweli people can smell Christmas…:slight_smile:


Good morning everyone. Have a fruitful day all.

Did you just use my picture bruh?

Take it n lock it in your closet. Done with its business.

Isorait…ongea mbaya

Only boy children get their blood pressures hiked by unruly women.

Adult Men are in usually control of their environment and of their emotional state.

Wooooiuiii mayoooo

Hehe pole joh