AfroJiri SACCO

I hope everyone is well and had a great holiday. Its time to rise up tukajenge nchi. The SACCO is now open. Kindly confirm your attendance and have a great day

Isomnia is truly a bitch.
Good morning.

The early bird… Good morning people.

Katika harakati za kutafuta kitunguu, za samosa:):):slight_smile:

Good day people

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Tao hamsini Tao hamsini.
Have a good friday frkrs

A beaut Friday y’all…

[SIZE=1]“Lady Margaret” passion[/SIZE]


Yaaaawn! Wacha nikalale mie…

The early worm gets caught by the early bird.

Wacha niamke saa tatu.


Morning and its Friday treat it as one

Muuuuuning, It feels like a Saturday to me.

Leo ni siku ya kujipangusa vumbi Massa ikifika. Take it easy

Feels like a Monday but thank God it’s a Friday.

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[SIZE=6]good morning villagers.[/SIZE]

Good morning villagers