Afrojiri SACCO

Goodmorning villagers? How do you do. Welcome to Afrojiri SACCO.

Almighty God, you have safely brought us into the beginning of this day, defend us with your mighty power and on this day we fall into no sin neither run into any kind of danger, but that all our doings being ordered by your Power be righteous in your sight through Jesus Christ our Lord, Guide us and Protect Us in Jesus Name.

Good day people

Siku njema kwa wote.

Siku njema watu wazuri

Hapa superhighway ni kama tuko showroom.
Blessed day talkers

There’s a difference between activity and accomplishment. Let’s not confuse the two today. Kama kitu haisaidii wachana nayo.


Good morning talkers. may God turn your toil into gold

Have good day

Mambasani kuna mambo kweli.

Good morning!

On transit!


Naenda kulala kwanza. Sitaki kurudi hapa nipate kila mtu ni upuzi wa SGR.Useless crowd!



You went to attend the launching of SGR?

Good morning folks

where did you learn Italiano young fella


Nimeenda kutuliza mawazo Karura