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I came across a Proverb

Morning good people, yet another week of nominations,hope it ends well.The Good Lord will give us patience and wisdom.

Heavenly father, Help Us remember that there are no small places or small people. All are precious in Your sight. May We see the value of Your work and cherish it as You do. Bless this day for Us Lord,make it Precious and full of thanksgiving. We praise and Honor You in Jesus Name…

Kuku wa mkata hatagi, na angetaga haangui, na akiangua halei, na akilea hutwaliwa na mwewe

Watu wanguu,…!! have a blessed day y’all…:):slight_smile:

Carpe diem folks

This should be directed to all MEN who value beauty in a woman and not her brains!
Getting into HFMB to seek Lord’s blessings and guidance.

Siku njema!

Good morning. Blessed day all.

Have a nice week. Been looking forward to today particularly like no man’s business

You’ve definitely quoted my mother!!! Lakini kwani aki Vera sidika wanakula nini? Kiuliso tu!!!
@Meria Mata asante kwa maombi! Good morning y’all!!!

a female Friend is like a pet. you’ll eat it some day… Niggaragua proverb.

good day talkers

a beaut day and week y’all…

[SIZE=1]firework flower[/SIZE]

Gay thread

Morning and fyi we know this shit we call em trophy wives…and they serve a purpose

How is Kip?

Event full week ahead quote by tupac ’ and life goes on’ kwa wale watapoteza kwa nominations


Is anyone else having issues with calls not going through for the last like one hour?

Relax, leo tunatafutana na makinya (footsteps) kama zamani.