AfroJiri SACCO TBT Edition



So this forum does not accept emojis :(. Good morning

Tbt mama saitan edition Coming up

huyu nani?

Local Celebrities,both of them

He he.
Good morning.
Kumbe fisi nonini alipata slices zake before nameless…:smiley:

:DNa akatembea,bila kusumbua

Morning friends. Have a rewarding day today.



always caption your mbisha. hawa ni kina nani?

Morning all …a village has all kinds of ppl we Must all live together …wanao kunyu sturungi, kahawa,jameson,third generation, mutukuru,sinyore etc we must learn to accommodate them good progressive day

Good morning all

From one level now preparing for the next thing in life Glory be to God.
Goodday all

Good morning Finywa scrotum

sema brains take a leave of absencs

Morning all

Morning’s at seven, all’s it right with the world!

Just came back from a walk with our dog. 15°C and the air is crisp like a glass of Procecco - Bonne journée à tous et toutes:)

huyu anakaa soja wa ploti ile naishi mpaka mbwa anakuwanga nayo

Morning. Feeling good.