Afrojiri Circle

Mine is just to wish you all peace love laughter drunkness and thresholds as you sign off 2017…
Lovely day ordinary talkers na vip talkers


Undugu si kufanana bali ni kufaana, Siku Njema wadau.


Tell us more about ordinary and VIP talkers.


Qualifications for VIP membership??? Or you must provide a letter from the village chief, your death certificate confirmed by 1000 signatories, divorce letter signed by Papal Francis, HIV status report from CERN laboratories nakadhalika… @pamba was the first to talk of invisible VIPs here. Wamekuwa kama robots ama???
Tell us more pple.
Cc: @Electronics4u @admin @Deorro @Mundu Mulosi @old monk


Morning talkers.
I wish you a lovely day.

(For my VIP)


I wish you more mirrions my fellow VIP member

10k joining fee. Na kuna rigorous vetting.


Just some self entitled Negros Groupie love, That is hwot the VIP talkers are. To urban to coit in green lodges just like the rest of us.

Good midday ,woke up as usual and started general cleaning, kuna kazi nyingine you have to do personally ! Boma ni ya mwanaume . Nyumba ni ya bibi.


Besha ti thina…why is it a secret. In a bus, sitting at economy or business class seats you can peep and see what’s up at VIPs. At theatres the same. Tukiingia pale simba saloon the regulars can pass eyes via the VIPs. Actually the barrier is just like chicken wire cutting across. We need to smell the aroma oozing out of your podium isikuwe kuna watu wananyonya wengine damu huku na hatujuangi.


Ahahaha… I see what you are doing.

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Now what have I done. Wacha nitoke kabla VC anipate hapa.

hakuna kitu kama VIP huku, everyone is equal

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Sande kuconfirm