Whither art thou, my brother?

Afro dreaming he’s on Ngong road making his way downtown.


Mark register!

Everyday is a blessing Lord, We embrace and rejoice in it, because in it is a hidden treasure that will Our digging. We thank You our God again because You meet our Needs in very different and mysterious ways. You meets Our Needs through friends and strangers alike, through plants and animals, through talk and action hence teaching us the need to constantly Love unconditionally.
Love, You teach Us is the greatest commandment. So We choose to love.
As we prepare for another day, We embrace the love and togetherness that make the foundation of Your Blessings Lord. Bless Us as we go Out and as we come Back Lord. We Praise and adore You Lord in Jesus Name we Pray and Belive.

anyway, a beaut day y’all…


@Afro… I hope you haven’t overslept today. Morning members. Carpe Diem!

I have also noted that @The_Virus has been MIA.

anyway. Have a great day

now that you mention it!

so much targeted to be achieved this week…
enjoy your day talkers

Afro warned he may not need to wake up early if he loses his job. Am hoping he just overslept.

Good day village

link please

I don’t know if he wrote about it, but he texted me.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

please text him find out if he is alright…:slight_smile:

^^ aviator huwa na bangi zingine mbayw

good day people.

Afro is human bana, sickoff lazima ichukuliwe once in a while. Hiyo pesa ya medical scheme si ya mama ya mtu.

Dj sambusa imeiva??

Kitambo. Leo nimetandika nne na kahawa.

Sasa wacha tuanze hustle kitunguu inuke kwa hao.

Morning good people.