Africa's top most Flying bonobo presidents

So bbc have done an article about African’s most travelled presidents and our own Nabii and Mr Tinubu from nigeria hold the trophies. Tinubu in 6 months has spend $2.2m exceeding the budget by over 36%. Our Nabii has done $9.2m in 1yr exceeding the budget by over 30%.

The Nigerian bonobo treats France like his second home even doing numerous unexplained visits to the said country with tax payers money. Just after wining the election he travelled to france for a week to rest due to the campaign fatigue and plan his new government from there :smiley:

While the two bonobos were globetrotting their home currencies have been devaluing at a greater pace never experienced before.

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Nabii…is not planning to give up very soon, hii life ni sweetest. Na vile huwa wamebeba accordingly…

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Jambasi the globetrotter.

That is why hakuna kitu nabii anaweza sema nifanye nijipeleke kama kondoo nifanye. I will always do the opposite of what he says

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He now belongs to the exclusive jet set club :grin: