Africa's last emperor - stumbled on this stuff

Bokassa alikuwa classmate.

@Electronics4u niaje?

Huyo alikuwa mwendawazimu. He must have gone schizophrenic at some point but his clan and family wanted him to stay ndio waendelee kula. I can’t imagine the hell of standing five minutes next to that madman, who am sure had poor body hygiene and smelled like weed


That was an oddly specific rant bro. Need to get something off your chest?

Why are U.S Demoncrats so keen on demonizing Idi Amin?

There is even a new show on leftist netflix comparing President Donald J. Trump to Idi Amin. Sijui How to become a tyrant. It seems that Liberals are quite scared of President Trump.

Me the only tyrant I know is electronics4u AKA @Baby Panay

Is it true he was a cannibal
Did he eat his enemies ama ni white propaganda

This clown plus the one in UG were were how the West wanted our leaders to look like.

Probably propaganda.

But he did force schools to buy school uniforms made at factories he owned and personally visited jails to beat up criminals.

Foolish fellow

V. Good channel. Huyo jamaa alispend ⅓ of the nation’s budget on his own coronation ceremony. Lol

Probably his bra :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: a coronation skipped by iddi amin

A little known fact people like to overlook was that Obote especially in his second term did worse and killed more Ugandans than Amin.[ATTACH=full]374036[/ATTACH]

Macias Nguema alikuwa mwingine mwenda wazimu ata heri huyu. Anaamkia ngwai daila na mapsychedelics, anaishia kwa central bank anachukua doh yote kaa ameipeleka kwa hut mtaani na hatambui kitu mnamwambia. Mkijaribu kuhepa country ana destroy boats zote na barabara. Ukivaa spectacles anaona ni kaa we unajifanya mwerevu anakiexecute kwa national stadium nyimbo za gospel zikiimba kwa maloud speakers na masoldier wanakushoot wamevaa kaa santa clause.

Tafuta video ya lost and found daughter yake from vietnam,you’ll wonder mbona haijakua movie. That guy was pure tyrant

thanks mzito, found it…