Africans Were Designed To Use Physical Labor While The Others Use Their Brain To Make Tools

I have seen Kamba youths in Machakos loading an Isuzu CXZ GIGA with sand using spades. That is a waste of time and man hours. The same goes for other tasks such as cutting grass, digging holes for fences. So why are we still using 16th Century tools to do tasks in 2019 while there are already better tools?

The only thing we seem eager to adopt is advanced phones. Android 8.1 and 9.0 but not tools.

LEVERS, WHEELS, GEARS led to Industrial Revolution in Europe, WE ARE YET TO GET THIS 3 INTO OUR HEADS. Call it self hate but that is the truth.







unataka tuingize machine kwa mto unajua diesel ni hela ngapi?

Enyewe kichwa yako ni ya kubeba meno. No wonder kura yako ni ya Ruto

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Self Hating kitu gani 1+1=2 Truth be told, Africans are Primitive. Kwani nini?

waulize,unajua kuna watu hawatumii akili,Europeans huwa wanatumia power tools juu hakuna manual workforce,so Kenya tukitumia si vijana wengi watakaa idle?

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Njinga wewe. LOW IQ translates to electing thieves such as Ruto, Uhuru and Tinga. High IQ is supporting candidates such as Aoukot despite them coming from a small tribe. We Negores vs Asians and Caucasians only share similar blood groups but the intellect is totally different. Just like I said about ZEBUs and Freisians

Acheni kuzaa kama panya na nguruwe.
Why give birth for “slave labor”

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If mechanized way of doing stuff is adopted those guys have nowhere to turn to.I have seen a case where a tool was introduced to save up time on planting potatoes.Wueh vijana walilia

There will be job openings for Mechanics, Technicians

Ferking Sc@mbag. Africa is the least developed continent because of sh!t brain like yourself. Mechanization is the only way to progress. You have to adopt Wheels and the Levers and inter marry with other races so that you may elevate your single Digit IQ

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