Africans visa free entry into Russia


“Sanctions are working”. “Russia is isolated”. And other stories are being extinguished right before our eyes.

@simiyu, I want you to accompany me on my next visit huko. You game?


Halafu ukifika huko unapewa ak47 na kusukumwa Ukraine


At a time when men of military age are fleeing the country… Cannon fodder


Twendeni St. Petersburg wadau

Maybe as tourist and only during summer uingie hapo lake Baikal and some soviet museums ama kuna kitu ingine interesting Russia?

I thought you were an American citizen? What happened to that Manhattan narrative.

What does going to St. Petersburg have to do with being an American citizen?

@applebee100 has been consistently inconsistent. The only constant in his character is inconsistency.


Unaenda ku replace some kawaida russian city/town worker ambae ameenda Ukraine.

How long can you survive in a gulag in Siberia??

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Wadau plaeas avoid countries where racism is endemic.

For the hustle bros this is massive

For every youtube shill doing everything a million clones are doing in every niche, nobody targets Rus or there even lacks a close equivalent

Fuckin $$$$$$$

If you are big on circuses and carnivals then Moscow is the place to visit.