Africans Studying Worthless Degrees In Europe

Sustainable development is a highly sought after degree…you heard it from me! And there is nothing like a worthless degree

I’m currently working with Rwandan guys and the one I’m directly working with has a BSc. In electrical, another in food technology and a PhD done in Europe. The funny thing is I just have a BSc na huyu jamaa ako down proper. He’s arguing things zenye haelewi

lol… But sadly these arent elite africans, instead many of them are just normal people who have used their hard earned money to study worthless degrees.

hehe… Do you really believe a clown with a sustanability developement degree knows more about clean water than an engineer who works on building infrastructure to provide clean water to people? Hehe… The former is a speaker while the latter is actually the one who builds the thing… Stop spewing low IQ nonsense here.

This is another issue of entrepreneurship in Africa… We need more enterpreneurs. And also just because you struggle finding job in Kenya remember that there are plenty of other nations looking for engineers. Also an undergrate engineer isn’t that much, you need atleast a master and you will never struggle.

And what will those leaners do? Will they also become teachers to teach sustainable development? Then it further proves that the degree is worthless.

This is an issue of lack of enterpreneurship in Kenya… a completely another issue. Stop spewing low IQ comments.

I know several Africans who are doctors and engineers here in Europe. Your argument is flawed.

Most scholarships offered to Africans are mainly nonstem thus less African in STEM can ho to Europe. But again there is a lot of PhD opportunities for Africans in STEM abroad.

I know several Kenyans, Ethiopians, Sudanese, who are studying STEM in PhD levels.

And again the Indians struggle a lot in Europe in STEM studies. Let nobody lie to you, most Indians I have met don’t perform well academically in Europe. Europe the stem education is intense.

Say it again for the people in the Back. Hehee, kitu hatuwezi ignore ni the economic mismanagement and corruption in the country. Kama kuna madaktari wako jobless, watu wengine wa STEM courses tuko special aje, ati job tupewe venye tunataka ati juu course ni ngumu.Hizo luxuries haziko bana, watu wakiiba pesa ya umma ni real estate ama hotel, hakuna industry wanaekeza, inabidi tujianzie zetu backyard tu.

I never said that there were no africans studying STEM in europe, i know several Nigerians, Ghanians who study engineering… But im saying that a big part of africans in Europe study worthless degrees and thus wasting their money. Also i didn’t say anything about how hard the subjects are, but the reality is that the only subjects that majority of indians and asians study in Europe are STEM. This is what Africans should also do, at the universities abroad provide a good environment for this in that they have the right equipments for laboratory which is great. Studying worthless degrees like sustaniable development can be done at home in your shack.

The issue you are discribing are issue of the private sectors and lack of enterpreneurship… Majority of people with STEM degrees are hired in the private sector in any developed nation. Corruption and missmanagement in the private sector is punished harshly interm of bankrupcy or revenue loss, so the companies have intensives to bring corruption down.

Unakuwaga kimbenye sana

How are you Bwana Mshenzi?

Wewe ni kimenyi or akamanya

I think what @mbakuthesupreme is trying to say is, he learnt a new word yesterday. The word is…say it with me…worthless.

How do you use a sample of the people in your circles (meaning you also have a worthless nini?) to generalise the African population pursuing education in Europe?

@Ndindu & @mbakuthesupreme same whatsapp group. Ama ukipenda anas to a… Anaaas!

:D:D:D:D:D…most jobs have several professional s working together,from planning,design, implementation, review, improvement and maintenance,hio degree you say is worthless may just be the 1% you need to out manouvre your competition.

Niko poa sana mzungu mweusi

wacha zako wewe, sio kila time unafaa kujua about machines and machinery.

Stupid kid from Lumbumbashi,achana na watu walisomea ubulaya