Africans Studying Worthless Degrees In Europe

Something that I notised a while ago is that there are an influx of africans studying worthless degrees in Europe. I personally know several Africans who in my opinion do this which I wouldn’t tell them of course. For example, I know of this kenyan lady who studies a master in ‘Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education’, which basically is about the impact of teaching outside. Now what will you do with this worthless knowledge? Will it make you more attractive in the labour market compared to those who dont have that master degree? The others study worthless degrees like Sustainable development… This is compared to many Indians, Asians whom i meet in Europe who were studying their masters and phds. They all were studying Engineering with specialisations (Mechanical, Industrial, electronics, aeronautics etc) and machine learnings, computer science. These are the education that matters, especially for the future and developement of Africa. I actually feel sorry for many Africans who go abroad to study these worthless degrees and waste their money. But some also are lucky to get a aschoolarship but the reality remains that they are studying worthless degrees.

Worthless in your opinion. Many see value in places you didn’t know exist.

I dont think this applies to U.S that much compared to Europe, maybe since its much expensive to study there so you have maybe to choose degrees that matter. Anyway, i meet a Nigerian who was studying this worthless degree ‘Applied Ethics’, basically a philosophy degree, in Europe and he ended up plagirazing a whole assingment and got suspended from the University for 4 month before he could continue his studies, but that meant that he had to study another extra semester in the University than intended and thus had to pay 6000 dollar extra. Madness. And he was barely getting by paying his rent and was working as a papper deliver in the middle of the night.

This Tanzanian lady i know who is studying Sustainable development is still in Europe working as a house cleaner earning maybe 50 dollar in a day if she gets work that day, and that is an if. Her chances to compete in the market arent gonna get better in Kenya with that degree… Infact she’s probably have more luck finding job in Europe with that worthless degree than she has in Kenya.

Wacha wasome hoping they find jobs there.

Si kufanya a worthy african degree after graduation unatafuta kazi yoyote

Vipi mkubwa

You are calling a degree in sustainable development worthless? And you expect us to view you as someone who understands the African job market?.. there is what Africa needs to develop (the STEM related subjects) and there is what your colonial masters employ in those NGOs that they heavily fund, its important to know the difference.

True. Especially UN related jobs they talk so much about the Sustainable development jobs and millennial devp goals.

Hehe… Its worthless for Africans… And yes, the only people who hire these worthles degrees are NGOs, and do you know why NGOs are here? Because we are not developed because we have people studying worthless degrees. And those NGOs are there to stop Africas developement. Look at whenever Africans want to build a power plant which will bring electricity to millions, those NGOs are the first to object. Our poverty is what is keeping them going, its what employs them. We need people studying STEM subjects.

Hehe… U.N… U.N operating in Africa is a sign of the failure of africa and africans… What does it say that you are looking for jobs in an organisation which is active because of your failure? Well continue failing and you will always have U.N and NGO jobs avaliable for you… Nonsense, we need people with engineering degrees and alike to build africa. Not fuckin sustainable development degrees. They are worthless in term of african developement, and most of the organisation working with people with those degrees are anti-african developement which they say is bad for environment etc. See which people object when an African country wants to develope.

Your argument is philosophical, not practical.

You are supposed to find job in what you study… How can you waste tens of thousand dollars in a degree to just go out and find ‘any’ job you can find? If you have a degree that matters like one in STEM fields then you will never have trouble finding work.

Kudevelop ni step by step SDG’s include important things like food security and clean water and sanitation sasa unataka engineer… engineer watu watakula na wakunywe barabara na machines ?

lol… And who do you think will build the needed infrastructure to provide clean waters? Engineers you low IQ baffon… SDG is nothing but a worthless degrees that tells you worthless stuff which actual important degrees achieve. Are the chinese known for being the graduates in sustainable development? No, they are known for being graduates in STEM fields and its those degrees that have transformed China… Food security is brought by people studying STEM field, infact countries like Netherland have perfected this where farming is a science within STEM field which is how they have managed to build methods not only through gmos, but how to engineer facilities for maximum food growth. Thats why such a small country can supply all of Europe with food.

Ghasiaa … we elite spend our money and your taxes in whichever way we feel like … hopping from continent to continent in prestigious universities studying worthless degrees just coz we can and you can do absolutely nothing bout it but bitch. To top it off we get hired to high paying government jobs that we barely know anything about and rarely show up. Still you can do nothing about it … see we elite don’t like to burst our ass while we have generations of peasants that can do that for us.

SDG gives directives of achieving those goals as much as engineers are important , yes watajenga dams, so lazima ukue na a perfect laid out plan which I believe is what the goals are for [SIZE=2]na Buffon ni wewe[/SIZE]

I also have friends wali study engineering undergraduate in Europe and US, kufika Kenya walihangaika Sana mpaka godfather to come to their rescue just like the rest of us tumesome +254…
So hata ukafanya high end degrees abroad, no guarantees of getting a job when you come back home, lazima ushikwe mkono tena

They will find jobs as teachers to teach sustainable development to new learners

From your grammar inakaa hukupita Form Two.

Writing that nonsense and calling the other ghasiaa yet you are the hope for Africa?

So, what are you doing to help Kenyans who have “Non-Worthless” degrees in your opinion, from Kenyan Universities but can’t get any kind of job?
Your reasoning is skewed. What does it matter when you have any degree but can’t find employment considering your reasoning?

Seems like one of them idiots who don’t think before they rant. :smiley: