Africans living in US love cooning

Africans living in US are serious uncle Toms. I am currently watching Amber Guyger’s (the police officer who killed a black man) case. She has been found guilty of murder. Guess what, a Kenyan police officer by the name Kathy Odhiambo is a witness and she is praising this white officer as a good person. Stop cooning. Stop being uncle Toms

Man, huyo ni kama ni sister ya luoamerican




Her testimony was about their friendship and collegiality. Nothing to do with race or “cooning”
as you say.

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This was painful to watch:

The tweeter feed responses on this are hilarious…:D:D:D


When Kathy thinks of all the poverty she escaped she will sacrifice even her own brother to remain in good books with her masters.
You think I’m exaggerating? 2 years ago Terry Tango was defending H&M when they branded her son cool monkey?

The mother of a black child who was featured in a controversial H&M ad for a hoodie that read, “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle,” said that people calling it racially insensitive need to “get over it.”

In a series of since-deleted Facebook posts, the mom, Terry Mango, of Stockholm, Sweden, said she didn’t support the backlash over the ad — which even prompted The Weeknd to end his partnership with the brand.

This camel-mouth will do anything in her power to remain in Stockholm including taking away the dignity of her son.
One thing is for sure, coons are usually cowardly people.

They used her for race here. To neutralize the atmosphere.

Sasa amekuwa a Kenyan immigrant cop juu hakuwa on their side?

I do not think its about this woman being an uncle Tom. Kile haujaona is cops will always defend each other. When they first responded to the crime scene the cops walijaribu juu chini kuekelea Jean ati yeye ni drug dealer so that Guyger doesn’t look like a psycho killer cop.

She is just protecting her job with orders from above. Simple as that.

Her again?! We are our own worst enemy

No, you guyz in general are cooners. I don’t mean you in person, i am just saying that generally Africans are serious cooners in America. You may be the exception to the rule. Now the white devil was given only ten years because of the silly cooners.

@Purple would you keep as a friend someone who thought people who look like you are lesser human beings?

There are more messages this is just one of them…if it was orders from above, she would have testified in police uniform, she testified in her individual capacity

[SIZE=7]State reveals racist and violent texts, social media comments during Amber Guyger sentencing phase [/SIZE]



@obienga, the reason why her defense team brought black people to the stand was because the prosecution made this shooting about race.

About those texts, I think most of us have at one point made jokes that could be construed as racist or tribalism? Does that make one a hateful, evil person? God forbid our innocuous comments about tribe x or y become the determinant factor that tips the scales of justice.

The fact that she got 10 years doesn’t betray the underbelly of racism, the bigger issue is how the police force covers up for each other.

A (black) Somali cop in MN shot a (White) Australian woman to death and received only 12.5 years. Many people feel he should have gotten life. See, if you remain fixated on racial politics you miss out on other forms of injustice.

Funny thing is that Chappell had an old standup routine where cops shoot a black man then sprinkle some cocaine on him. Murica for u.

@Purple I’m sure the prosecution had strong evidence that those were racist texts to bring them to court. Court is not a political theatre or a KTalk. Your citing the Somali cop has absolutely nothing to do with racist beliefs and sentiments but is aimed at starting an irrelevant sideshow where facts are totally different.

She was also racist towards fellow black police officers, it has nothing again to do with politics but sick minds that believe one is superior over another solely on the basis of one’s skin colour.

It is not criminal in the USA to be racist as long as you do not infringe on other’s rights, it is a criminal act to take someone’s innocent life and be inspired in doing so by racist prejudices. A black person who admits and attempts to pass off racism as “jokes” needs to take a serious examination of themselves and reality. In related news…

[SIZE=7]Amber Guyger case: Witness in US ‘wrong flat’ murder case shot dead[/SIZE]