Africans' Inability to Focus on Overarching Goals

Africans seem to have a serious problem focusing on important things. Vitu za maana watu hawana time nazo but non issues utapata kila MTU ako attentive mbaya. Last week we were discussing Mukhisa Kituyi and county mate Lusaka. Leo ni Kagongo. Kesho sijui itakuwa nini. Hapo kati kati, taxes zimeongezwa, waiguru anadaiwa mirrions hatujui walianzia wapi. The weekend is upon us and preparations are in top gear to attend funerals, weddings, ruracios, church, circumscision , ordination and such other useless events. Ambia watu wakutane tao waandamane ama waende classes za mushroom farming and see yourself being laughed out of town.
This rant is powered by a client I was consulting for but can’t agree on some basics due to ego wars between the chairman and his CEO.

omuafrika is kuwinda antelope, kukula antelop, kupiga isukuti, kutomba na kulala

Compared to what? Such scandals in the west that you so much admire are front page news for days, indicating a much greater interest by the masses than here

A typical day for an African in days of yonder involved waking up to eat fruits from a tree he never planted or watered. Afterwards, it was off to the forest to spear an antelope he never fed or gave water to and collect wild berries he never nurtured. Evenings were reserved for song and dance as the earlier on speared antelope seared on the embers. Men would shake their shoulders as women gyrated their waist to maddening isukuti beats followed by a feast on the now well done antelope meat washed down by copious amounts of busaa, muratina or kaluvu before retiring to a night of fucking. Rinse and repeat the next morning.

Kuna podcast zingine huwa naskiza, kama hii hapa, they always leave me wondering kama tuko dunia moja.

How is this podcast connected to the argument?

Huyo gringo wannabe hawezi jibu

The discussions people hold elsewhere, vs what we address in .ke.

In America people don’t talk about sex, LGBTQ pronouns, violence or other petty stuff? So no one in Kenya talks about technology, the economy or other scientific matters?

These “petty” issues have their platforms to, lakini on matters politics, economy, science, technology, social issues, environment and all that concern us , these guys are on another level.

True, but we have to walk first before learning how to run.

I’m sure we have great minds within our borders, the problem is with the media platforms we have. They prefer politics to everything else.

Our media is whack. How for example do we get to see watu wamekwamana wakitombana on prime time TV? Or how is the arrest of a chicken thief national news?

Gosh! That life was too exciting to be true. I wonder why the mkoloni came this way.


Vitu za mahana ni gani kama si Jua, Mvua, Bhangi etc Oxygen, Jaba

Hata hizo ni shida kwa mwafrika. Jua ikiwaka maji na chakula inakosa wanakufa njaa na kupoteza mifugo. Mvua ikinyesha mafuriko inawabeba na kufunga mabarabara chakula inaozea kwa shamba. Wakivuta bhang wanachagua kina sonko. Iyamtayad.

Because of people like Ruto who you will vote come 2022? Ama?