Africans' Greatest Wish Is To Go Overseas To Europe Or USA. Why Did We Have To Fight For Independence If You Keep Following The Purported Oppressors?

Africans will remain slaves until the return of Jesus or aliens. You’d imagine that after fighting the colonialists for many years in the jungles of Kenyan highlands and other nations across Africa, Africans would stick at home and develop their countries to be like those they run to. Over there in the USA negroes shoot each other day and night over drug deals gone wrong, the racist police in the US would rather shoot a Kneeger and ask questions later but this won’t stop brainwashed Africans from queuing at Westerners’ Embassies at 4am.

Bothan Jean was a victim of such racist C(unts pale Dallas

This arguement is not as simplistic as you put it typical of an ignorant bonobo

Umedinya point but we go there because our leaders in conjunction with western powers have destroyed our countries

We fuack our own countries then ran away, “in search of greener pastures”
We vote for half brains then spend 5 years complaining of their incompetence.
Simple arithmetic like vote counting we are yet to get it right,
Just look at the commander in chief, when he travels abroad!!

Wacha ushenzi. Do you think it is possible for African leaders to conspire with western politicians to destroy the West? Wa loot the west kabisa impoverish the citizens there wakileta the wealth in Africa to hide it.

Do you dispute what the French government has been doing to its former colonies even after independence? Don’t you read the papers?

we fought for independence and we’re still fighting. colonialists never left, they just changed management strategy. recruit your kenyan brethren to oversee their interests

I know everything they are doing there and even the neo colonial trade arrangements here in Kenya. I don’t blame the west for taking advantage of a stupid people.
I’m asking again.
Do you think Macron or any other French politician would conspire with African leaders to loot French wealth and impoverish the French in the process?

This is one post you have to like first then read. Angalia ng’ombe kama @Dunya , anacomment umeffi tuu bila addressing the message. Africans are worse than monkeys. For monkeys, all it takes to deter them is to capture and kill one of them and they get the message never to show up on your farm again. But Africans will fall for the same scam over and over again. Look at 2022. Arror is leading na waafrika wanasema wanataka kufunza dynasties a lesson using him. They have forgotten that three short years ago, they were singing tank tena of which Arror was an active part of.

Kuketi kitako na kutusi watu kwa mtandao is also damn.
Plus you just recycling sheit!! Nothing new here.

TWO WORDS. Brain Drain

Hey uncle tom

They can’t but a weak poor man is always taken advantage of.

We are neither weak nor poor. Just stupid and retarded.

Correction: our stupidity and retarded minds have led us to poverty

Very stupid and retarded. Virtually all the scams conjured up in the history of mankind have been run on the black man.

Then why are you blaming the clever races for taking advantage of Africans’ stupidity?

I blame them because of exploiting us despite our self inflicted woes.

If you expect them to be fair, you will be disappointed. Read about the Chinese history, the opium wars, gun boat diplomacy and how they have pulled themselves out of poverty.
In nature, the strong have their way and the weak suffer what they must. The strong will always take advantage to maintain their dominant position .The same way here on a local level the rich and corrupt political class ensures that there are weak anti corruption laws and a corrupt judiciary .It’s not in their interest to fix it . The West therefore follows this template and they owe us nothing.We have to fix our shit and put our interests first .
You sound naive with little understanding of how the world should be.You are very idealistic but that is not how things run on the ground
Anyway to close this debate, if we get into business and sign you a contract that favours me, do not blame me. I might be evil but I’m clever and your stupidity will cost you.

Umenitukana lakini nimekuelewa