Africans are mentally enslaved

Ungemuuliza Coasterian ni kusema nini. Now I have to ask him. :confused:

Sadfa kubwa hii! Unalalamika kuhusu lugha ya kiingereza na bado malamishi yako yameandikwa kwa kiingereza.

Mbona kutupima akili wewe msenge!

Ningekupatia like lakini sitakupa juu umemuita msenge. Si ati natetea usenge lakini usenge wake unaujua vipi?:D:D


Ungeita yeye brary desman!

A curse? I think not.

In primary we were taught about the scramble of africa by Europeans, then strange languages were introduced to “unify” newly created countries.

True, there are advantages but also some negatives such as the slow death of local languages. Majority of villagers who transition to middle class status are very keen to have their offspring speak better English than them and in the process kill their mother tongue.

Wewe Kama fomer boxer ulipigwa meno zote zikatoka, how do you manage the Coasterian accent?:D:D:D

Kumbe we ni fossil, but your thinking is young

This’s neither here nor there, in 2000 years English will be like Latin or Dothraki. Enjoy your life and stop overthinking.

Africans and Indians have serious inferiority complex issues. Their middle-class people especially think speaking English elevates your class. It is sad but what can we do, at my house, we don’t speak English and we will never ever speak it.

Way to go. Do not deny your kids their right by not teaching them the mother tongue/s. None of my nephews and nieces can speak our lingua but the older ones have resorted to the internet to teach themselves which is rather sad to watch.

Ethiopians, Tanzanians do not bother with the English you are castigating, does it make them less enslaved?

leta hekaya.Umeng’oa kwa interview ama mbele ya kunguru? :D:D:D me personally i am ok with whatever english is concoted in my brain;);):wink:

Msito Niko na implants field marshal ndio ako na denture.

he likes his “accent”