Africans are mentally enslaved

A Kenyan will struggle to speak in English because it makes him feel sophisticated. Speaking broken English will result in being frowned upon but not the same with Kiswahili. In Japan, China, Italy and the rest they teach in their native language and learn English as a subject lakini sisi na Unyani wetu we enforce the queen’s language.


That is us. Sasa unataka tufanye?

I find it weird nywele ngumu akistruggle to me in English. I answer them in fluent Swahili with a coasterian accent.

and then?

Tukiwa wadogo in the 80s watoi wa uncles wangu wakija ushago kutembea December walikua wanaongea kingoso tunastuka sana.

Idler Una sumbua.

I am true to form. Mbona una-post sentence iko hanging?

When did KTalk became an institute of learning.

Learning what?

Haya basi nikitumia my native language naitwa mkabila ama vipi? Again hata hiyo Swahili language sio kila my anajua so ni common sense kutumia either English or Kiswahili to communicate with people from different regions,

Japan is a country inhabited by Japanese native speakers only so is China and Italy.

I like Julius Malemas English

si ungetumia kiswahili pia ‘kuposti’

Uncle mgani?

In Africa, existing in small tribes has been our greatest curse. Meaning that we have to find a common language for coexistence in a country. Most of the times, this mode of communication has always been a European language like English or French. In many other countries for example in Asia, they don’t have this problem. An instance is like in Japan, Korea, India, Arab nations, Russia etc where people in the whole country speak in one traditional language.

Kiswahili kenya na TZ?

Burt my engris is soo gud lol

Your comparison of Africans,East Asians & Europeans to insult an entire race including yourself goes to prove your own point.

All those countries are homogeneous meaning they are only one tribe or people’s yet in your ignorance you fail to look at the facade they have created as to why they are homogeneous? Japan for instance had another tribe called the Ainu they look European and could trace their roots to Siberia but you ever heard a Japanese person speak their language? no most were forcefully assimilated into Japan

Need I mention China had centuries of conflict for the same reason which is why they all speak one language.

So when you see a brother speaking broken english don’t be so quick to hurl insults at your entire race.

What’s unique or different about it? Malema is a very fluent English speaker

Its largely a Kenyan obsession. We even have a whole laughter industry feeding on accent based jokes. West Africans are less bothered by accent whether in their country or abroad.

when it comes to jobs in the BPO industry and recruitment of journalists by international organizations like CCTV and CNN they choose kenyans because their accent “is not so bad”…