Africans and Myths

Fungeni Leso
Growing up we were told,
“If you spot a malenge growing at the shamba don’t point it with your finger coz it will rot,
If you eat while standing you will get married far,
if you sit at the fire place with your back facing the fire you will give birth to thiefs,
if you wear something red when it’s raining you will be struck by a thunder storm”
etc etc.
What are the things you were told while growing up and now you’ve come to realize it was just a myth?
Oh! and if you eat a twin banana you will give birth to twins.

I read sapiens and homo deus by yuval and it confirmed what I believed. Fiction is the key to to sapiens success

I was told that ktalk was full of godly men and women. I found otherwise!

you mean lightning?

if you go round a mugumo tree seven times you’ll become a girl…

While naked…

i remember when you didn’t stand up during national anthem saa ile V.O.K inaanza 5pm,either tv itaibiwa hio jioni ama serikali ya kanu itawabeba the next day

If you walk under a ladder you will suffer bad luck. Or if you kill a glass or window you will get 7 years of bad luck.