African traditions are mostly primitive

Things like FGM, dowry payment, cattle rustling, and many other retrogressive practices make the continent dwellers to be viewed as baboons by other races

You are funny…Adam and eve were naked…how is that primitive compared to us who have to have sex in darkness???

Stop saying the truth. Brarry

Also baptism, eating sacrament.

Okay, so going to a crowded building ile mnaita church and doing a ritual of eating somebody’s flesh and drinking their blood is not primitive? Ntakufinyaa

Monogamy and belief in existence of a heaven is also primitivism in this post modern times.

I have avoided involving religion into the thread because religion is found in all cultures and places.

In Africa, culture and religion are one and the same.

chifu you think we don’t know your fellow billionaires kama bill gates practice paedophilia

Mambo ya dowry lazima watu walipe…ongea kuhusu hizo vitu zingine lakini dowry wachana nayo

It’s an abomination

Please explain its significance apart from oppressing the boychild

Was not meant to be an oppressing thing,ni watu wameiharibu sana sana kule mt kenya…dowry was meant to be a sign of appreciation to the brides family

Appreciation doesn’t have to be done materially. I think loving and taking care of the bride is the highest form of appreciation that a man can offer to her parents and kin.

Nooo mwacha mila ni mtumwa…why do you want us to abandon our traditions,what should we do after that?

Culture isn’t static. We can pick good practices from other cultures and adopt them. For example, do you know that Kikuyus didn’t practice male circumcision but picked it from the Maasai?

Daigua nawee

It’s true

Which year did this happen?

Around three centuries ago