African Solution to covid-19 needed

As that idiot MP Ndindi Nyoro who follows WSR blindly says “We are African and Africa is our business.” And oh no, he’s not an idiot because he supports WSR, he’s an idiot because he does it blindly like most Kenyans. Hopefully with this covid-19 mess you will develop a little brain to remember that most these national political figures are just twats. We need a new breed of leadership. But I digress. Let me get myself back on course.

Covid-19 management solutions as has been widely advocated in the West and East:
[li]Personal, proper hygiene [/li][li]Social distancing[/li][/ol]
Sound easy, don’t they? Easier said than done. Number 2 is what has led to lockdowns, partial lockdowns and travel restrictions. Now the world is at a standstill economically and the small nations are bearing the worst of it. Let’s focus on Kenya. A country that cannot survive without taxes or loans for even one month because of already crippling debt but is somehow trying to comply with social distancing by imposing travel restrictions and a curfew. Now we have an economy in dire straits. They say that we can recover the economy but we cannot recover lives lost. That’s partially true because the dynamic duo has shown how clueless it is on matters economy. As for lives lost, that is inevitable. Obviously our health system sucks that’s why recoveries and deaths are going toe to toe.

There is the argument of avoiding overwhelming the healthcare system and for me that’s the only good reason given for all thi quarantine stuff. However, we must remember that most African countries cannot afford a lockdown. We are flirting with it but the government is fearful of the consequences. The government could succeed with a lockdown as long as they provide food to the needy (hand to mouth) who account for over 60% of 47 million Kenyans. The government may be able to do this for a week or so but sooner than later it will be broke, getting diminished taxes, increased loan repayments but somehow having to prevent anarchy.

The solution to a problem cannot be worse than the problem itself. Coronavirus kills just like malaria, cancer, suicides, road accidents etc. We cannot ban driving in order to prevent road accidents. We cannot #shutdownKE to control coronavirus when we don’t even know how long we’ll need to shutdown. 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months? Nobody knows. Flirting with a shutdown is not really helping. If you insist on a shutdown it has to have a defined start and end otherwise it will be a recipe for chaos. We are already on the cusp of economic collapse. Let’s remember that China hasn’t granted us a repayment holiday yet and our taxes aren’t gonna cut it this time. Let’s do the little things but let’s not respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer as PLO would say.

Meanwhile suck a dick, lick some inner thighs, finger a lad’s ass and pussy. Bang bang bang. It’s covid-19 bang bang time.

Niaje murume.ulikuwa wapi. Tumehata footnotes zako.

This means we have now lost KPA & KPLC to the Chinaman.