African Scientists Need to Establish the Truth About HIV/AIDS

African scientists need to establish the truth about HIV/AIDS. African people, especially the black Africans, have been disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS scourge.
Locally, a good number of the suicide cases you hear about are related to HIV. When people go to testing centers and are found to have HIV, they often become suicidal. Similarly, a good number of the domestic violence cases you hear about are related to HIV. When people go to testing centers and are found to have HIV, they become violent to their partners. They believe that they have to do something to their partners, who they believe have infected them with HIV. So they become violent to them, sometimes leading to very ugly incidents – including very serious injuries and even deaths.
Yet, with the wisdom of the hindsight, there is reason to suspect that, maybe, HIV is not such a big deal. I remember women I used to see doing commercial sex work in the 1980s and 1990s, and they are still alive and they still seem to be thriving health-wise. I remember some of the earliest people who were said to have HIV, and they are still alive and they still seem to be doing fine, health-wise. Many of these are not people who use ARVs or any other such interventions. But, in spite of them almost certainly having HIV, they are doing well healthwise. Then we have the converse scenario: where people who don’t have HIV end up with AIDS-defining diseases. We have seen many such people, who actually went on to die from the so-called AIDS-defining diseases, yet they didn’t have HIV.
We therefore have to bring the elephant into the room, and ask ourselves: does HIV really cause AIDS? This is not a new question. It was there in the earliest days of HIV/AIDS debate. But the people who raised these questions were shouted down. Scientists were pushed towards HIV/AIDS research. Anybody who tried to investigate the hypothesis that HIV does not cause AIDS was declrated a heretic, an AIDS denialist. Yet even the supposed ‘discoverers’ of HIV/AIDS, have subsequently expressed doubts about the theory.
So I come to the crux of my message: That African scientists, whose people are dispoprtionately affected by the supposed HIV/AIDS scourge, need to undertake independent research on HIV/AIDS. They need to investigate whether, in actual fact, HIV causes AIDS. There is no doubt that AIDS exists – in the sense that acquired immunity deficiency exists. We see people whose immunity has been compromised all around us. The question is as to whether that immunity deficiency is caused by HIV. Or if it is possibly caused by other lifestyle factors: like long-term lack of sleep, long term bad eating habits, long term drugs usage, long term heavy usage of alcohol… and so on. Is it not plausible that people who have such lifestyle factors are likely to end up with compromised immunities in the long run? So this is the hypothesis that needs to be needs to be investigated.
On the one hand, there are people who have acquired immunity deficiency (AIDS), yet they don’t have HIV. And on the other hand, we have people who have HIV yet they don’t have – and never ever develop – acquired immunity deficiency (AIDS). Isn’t there, then, a very real possibility that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS?
Isn’t the alleged HIV/AIDS phenomenon a business to some people? Haven’t some people grown rich from the HIV/AIDS business? Isn’t the eagerness and tenacity with which people are urged to ‘test’ for HIV suspicious? Especially considering that they aren’t as eagerly or tenaciously urged to test for other risky conditions such as cancer, hepatitis B and diabetes, which are more life threatening?
Do you know that it has gotten to a point where almost everyone who goes to hospital has to be tested for HIV? It has almost belcme mandatory. You won’t be allowed to give birth in hospital, if you haven’t been tested for HIV. You won’t be treated for TB unless you agree to be tested for HIV?
Yet what is done to the people who are found to have HIV? They are given toxic retroviral medications. Those medications, originally designed to be used in chemotherapy, end up compromising their immunity systems, leading to real AIDS.
So the work is cut out for you, African scientists, to carry out independent research, to establish whether the HIV/AIDS theory is true. You may be surprised at what you discover. To me, the HIV/AIDS thing looks like a propaganda campaign. I could be wrong, but I am only suggesting research.
By the way, it is only in nations like Kenya where HIV/AIDS messages are being relentlessly drummed into people’s minds. Other nations, having discovered the truth about the whole thing (but keen not to upset the international establishment) have quietly allowed their people to relax. But in Kenya, people are still being mercilessly harmered with HIV/AIDS messages. People are still being forced to take HIV tests in hospitals, and thereafter being put on toxic ARVS immediately. Pastors are still forcing people to take HIV tests, before wedding them. But what if it is a hoax? What if AIDS (immunity deficiency) is caused by lifestyle factors? So these are the questions that need to be explored by African scientists.
Even where we have a supposed established truth, we need to entertain alternative theories. For all knowledge is by nature conjectural.
Disclaimer: the likely discovery that HIV doesn’t cause immunity deficiency wouldn’t be license for people to engage in indiscriminate sex. Indiscriminate sex has many other potential harms, even discounting the dubious HIV/AIDS theory. But the aim is to get the people who have been diagnosed with HIV to stop being so anxious. To realize that there is a possibility that things are different.
Charo Kazungu,

There’s too much money to be made from The AIDS scourge, whether the disease is real or a hoax.

the government needs get serious with scientific research.
It’s a sad fact millions of black people have died and the cure could be found if research was well funded.

The cure of AIDS could be hidden in the terms and conditions that you never read. #NotMyWords

Sielewi wakanesa

please send vagene

Have one partner
Be faithful
Thats the cure

Real or hoax?
Kwani wewe ni meffi ya kuku aina gani?

We are population with characteristics that are normally distributed, be it susceptibility, endurance, exposure and even total resistance. Then add in cultural and social behaviour, minor diferences in sexual organs, preffered sexual practices etc …story becomes complicated. Just because wanjiku seems not get infected doesn’t mean hiv-aids isn’t real.

I watched a documentary on the origin of HIV. It alleges that in the 70s Polio trials were conducted on monkeys and its likely that during the lab trials polio vaccines were infected by hiv(which occurs in monkeys). It is argued that the epicenter for the hiv epidermic was congo and uganda region

These kind of AIDS denialist is what is causing people here to still die when HIV can be a manageable condition. Yes there are other immunal compromising conditions but a very very high proportion is due to HIV. Let’s argue about the origin of HIV but not it’s existence. Most denialist are either positives who don’t want to accept, or quacks wanting to peddle their wares. ARVS can be toxic, but compared to the morbidity we read about in the 90s, they are a better option.

Too bad African countries do not believe in research and development, kazi ni kuiba tu.

Kuna daktari rfulani wa Lusigetti huko kwa akina @GUKA alikuwa anadai ameget cure in the late 90s…alionyeshwa moto na wazungu.

A.HIV originated in Africa,more specifically from the primate eating communities in Central Africa.Most likely someone who was slaughtering a chimp cut himself or herself and blood from the Chimp with SIV entered the person and mutated to HIV (the same way diseases like anthrax mutate to affect humans).
Although HIV was officially discovered in the 70s.Tissue samples from Kinshasa show the disease had already reached there in the 1950s.
The disease moved South rapidly with the migrants from Central Africa to the mines of South Africa and Botswana.To date,those affected the most in the region are in that sector.
As the disease spread in the DRC,it entered South West Uganda from the East and wrecked havoc.Contrary to Moi’s claim that it was gay hippies from the West who brought it here.The disease entered Kenya from Uganda.
As to why the disease has no cure.
Diseases that affect poor nations never get cured.70% of those with HIV are in Subsaharan Africa.
To illustrate this,Ebola killed tens of thousands in Africa for decades and was ignored. Little Western research went into it or other diseases like Marburg.Enter 2014-2015 and the West experienced its first cases ever.
The West African ebola strain got a functional cure after 6 months of intensive research.
Of course,our retarded cultural beliefs (example,Swazis refusing to use condoms as the seed of life cannot be wasted.Our country’s religious establishment refusing sex education in schools.We also ignored the epidemic until 1999 after 1 million people were dead and the rate peaked at 14%).
We are also allergic to scientific research (except South Africa)as a continent.
We are also hypocrites when it comes to sex.
In public condeming it in a Victorian fashion and acting all sanctimonious when in private everyone is screwing everyone.

One thing…that disease was made for blacks to control their population and to make money for US pharmaceuticals.
2. That script plays out here>>>>The Iraqi weapons of mass destruction story was a hoax and a pre-cursor to the war on terror so that the Washington Establishment-backed Defence equipment manufacturers can make money thru supply contracts to the US govt. This is why the satanic govt will continue to engage in war after war after war. <<<---- defence contractors must make money whether ni Njaanuary ama Dec.
And i dont think it will end there…these satanic caucasians continue to make viruses in labs and throw them in sub-saharan Africa (and some in Chinese-held territory for obvious reasons) to unsuspecting populations and their corrupt govt officials in the name of clinical trials of new drugs. (There was a case in Nyanza, i think last year but as usual ilikanyangiwa).
When u say all that, u are called a conspiracy theorist!

CIA runs planet Earth, ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

But unfortunately Africans started developing immunity…so back to the drawing board…; over to you bill Gates and the malaria vaccines :smiley:

mbona SA na hio pesa yote hawajapata cure vaccine

People in congo were eating chimps from 1000Bc

1.Not all of them. Even today,some do.Some do not.
2.Until the 19th Century,the small size of the communities as well as their relative isolation from each other due to the the size of the forest meant that those who were infected had little opportunity to spread it beyond the North East communities near Cameroon
Enter the Belgians with their demand for workers and urbanization which mixed people from all over the Congo together.
HIV is not the first disease to spread like this.
Prior to the establishment of the Silk Road,the Black Death was confined to China(China,unlike the North East Congo had an advanced civilization that records the Black Death centuries before the Europeans even heard of it.For all we know the North East may have had a permanent epidemic since they started eating chimps but we have no record of it as they did not have a writing system).It spread to Europe because people started moving and at a time urban centres were just recovering from the chaos that happened after the Roman Empire fell.

White South Africans who comprise the bilk of South Africa’s researchers have a HIV rate of 0.3%.It is not their priority
For Black South Africans it is 13.6%.
Most would argue that despite this South Africa has the expertise to do it since after all it can employ the white scientists and put them to task.However,the South African Government is led by Blacks and a President who claimed that he could not get HIV from a HIV positive woman because he immediately showered aftwewards and an ANC that almost stoned Thabo Mbeki when he tried to explain the difference between HIV and AIDS.
We are the problem.