African recent history

I really enjoy watching African State History from this channel. Very informative.

Has very well made videos that will learn you a lot.

I loved the Nigerian series too.

Who has a comprehensive Kenyan history series like this two above?

The common denominator is a lot of african blood was and is spilled for profit. Usually by foreign mercenaries and traitors of profit.

Invariably all those who were handed government by mkoloni all over the continent after so called Independence were traitors.

Explains a lot why Kenya has always been an uncle Tom as there was no revolution after independence that was only handed to traitors.

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NTV, Grace Ogot The making of a Nation. Although it is a bit shallow compared to these.

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I have learnt to never trust any corporate media propaganda. I prefer third party documentaries better. It is quite nice when Africans tell their own stories.

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