African reachest prezzo

Robert Mugabe is the president of Zimbabwe and is one of the most popular presidents in Africa. He is also one of the longest-serving African presidents and has been in power as the leader of Zimbabwe for over 34 years. Not because there has not been elections in these years but because he uses his incumbency to re-elect himself and declare himself winner even after elections. He has a net worth of $10 Million.

where does he reach?


Aki ume.insult intelligence yetu

Akina nani hao?

Funda wewe … net worth ya $10 million? Hata Ango @uwesmake anweza kuwa nayo cash kwa safe kando ya .357 magnum. Tumbili

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New villagers be like,[ATTACH=full]21431[/ATTACH] I’m going to post a thread today


Wewe Na Osungu Ni Kama maji Na mafuta taa


Reachest president? Okay…

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You should go back to integers 101… zeros are very significant

I agree with you,He is the REACHEST president.He is always available to the Zimbs…


what is the valency of sodium?

Itisha mwalimu wako wa kiingereza refund

10 million .Thats a joke.
Dicataotrs usually park at $1-5 billion.

Were you trying to say he’s very tall or what?

baboon-like hands came to mind…that he can reach over his shoulder to scratch his lower back…


:smiley: :smiley:

Is that your imagination you new villager?

nimeenda kulala…

Yeah man. … He be the fastest to reach the ground with his epic stumble

Valency=1 same as chlorine