African people

@forestmonkey alisema ati black people are homo erectus , he didn’t care to check that the book was written by some lowlife racist …he believed every word from that book 100%

I say here all the time that black people are not inferior , that infact africans are homo-sapien while other races have neanderthal genes , they are technically homo erectus…yaani bado you dnt see that the black man is feared hence the brainwashing and racism and hate…

Decolonise your brainwashed kinds …

Unalala kando ya mtaro ya sewage hapo Kibera halafu unatuambia ati black man is feared, by who???!

Luanda unaongea tuu meffi

Self hating niggas ni meffi tu

Uko na ujinga that is all.

Okey …sasa , kaugali kwa sahani yako imeongezeka ?