African Ministers Are Village Fools - PLO LUMUMBA

great content by this guy .

PLO ni ghasia the fool was given kazi akashindwa. Yeye ni meffi ghasia. Kizungu na theory mingi.

Nice speech but no change will come from this.


I quote, "Somebody tell PLO that all believe they know the source of of the problem, 90% of them pass the buck, 50% attempt to solve the problem, 25% solve it but it recurs, and only 3% have an enduring solution to the problem; and they solve it once and for all!

Don’t pay attention to the percentages I gave coz they vary. PLO was made head of anti-corruption in Kenya. He achieved zero as a compliant loudmouth. He never resigned! He was relieved of his duties. He is(at the moment) the head of a number of institutions through which he can influence policy. But he chooses to be a pulpit intellectual, a preacher and he is never a doer! Beware of persons whose necks are wrinkled via strained speech, and not workout!"

FYI what we need to demystify is 1. knowledge 2, intellect 3. Education 4. Career 5. Wealth. 6. Convictions( include culture and religion) 7. Self worth(void of materialism). How come Blacks have been going to Harvard for decades etc but their effect is not felt in Africa? Where is the Ivy League effect in Africa? Zero, coz it is all a facade! And PLO is facade too!
As for politics the realty is that African governments are poor and can not afford adequate policing. Our ministers could be threatened, blackmailed, kidnapped etc…yes, they need better security till we are wealthy enough to employ enough policemen for better policing. Policeman:citizen ratio is important! They don’t teach that in Law School???