African leaders forced to drive themselves in a bus in London

Biden went with the famed Beast



walienda kufanya nini huko?

They never learn…Ramaphosa has been called out for shaking hands with whites and ignoring his fellow black men.

They are nothing but Head Perfects of slaves.

Fvxck the White race

Waah. Halsa amewekwa huko nyuma kwa mizigo na kuku.

Kama wangefly their official limousines tena ingekua ni mdomo…
Waafrika warudi KAZI wajenge nchi.




Mkamba mjinga illiterate unasumbua. Tombwa sana bottom homosexual. Ghaseer.

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Study keenly the history of Cyril & understand who he is, the wealth/interests he represents in SA & how comes he was a dollar billionare even a decade ago.

:D:Dsi wangepea al shebab coordinates and solve half of african problems with multiple murders and suicide

The Kenyan negro is confused, very, but by design.

He ‘owns’ his country and get to employ representation (mboch, gardeners) through a democratic elective process.
But somewhere along the lines, these roles of the employer/employee interchange.

The waheshimiwa Wenyenchi become subjects (wananchi) of the land and employees.
This empowerment yields the gardners and maids make ridiculous demands including demanding the owers pay respect and royal like homage with ridiculuos titles.
That of course paves way for all sort of perks including a helicopter ride from the living room to the toilet.
This explains the negros dismay, how these elevated mortas find themselves riding a bus in a country they donated the only professionals educated to aid us in personal health management.
Lakini tuko mbele ya ujinga saana

Nv, keti pale

lakini munataka ku compare president wa Burundi na POTUS ama ?


The driver was Zimbabwean president.

Your hate for the man is starting to sound treasonous .fuata your boyfriend kwa pubs amepotelea .

Tombwa mkeer

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The ultimate humiliation …
Headed like cattle into a Bus …
And the Niggers are all smiling like Cheshire Cats … :D:D:D

Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere (RIP) and Madiba Nelson Mandela (RIP) must be turning in their graves … :D:D:D:D