African Leaders Are Waking Up From Deep Sleep Against China & European Countries

African Leaders Are Waking Up From Deep Sleep Against China & European Countries

Waking up is one thing,
Doing something about it is another.

Waking up after Gatheca & Co pocketed over 1 billion USD in the white elephant project halafu wakaweka port kama security? Those bastards aren’t waking up to anything. They will continue looting Kenya until Kingdom come. My plan is to join them in the looting at some point. That’s me being brutally honest. You either eat or be eaten.

Ati the loudest voiced heard speaking against mega corruption in .ke are those who have tried juu/chini to get it on it but failed while they can see other working it and putting up apartment blocks and driving ma V8 etc

my parent used to work in moi’s govt back in the day. my parent’s co workers were stealing from public coffers and buying land left right and center but my parent was a saint. siku hizi mzazi amesota but co workers wa kitambo including the junior ones ni billionaires kuruka bana huwa inamuuma sana.

It takes a while but mtu hurealize despite your personal ideals, this monster cannot be stopped by one person na system imejaa majambazi. What some unknown mid level government employee steals in one afternoon is enough income for a whole year to a regular guy in the streets. In fact, the quickest way to wealth in Kenya is not hard work. It is “working” in or for the government. Ukipewa tender ya kuinstall McAfee antivirus pale City Hall your life changes.

Government Overtaxes Population (Think petrol, car import duty, VAT, etc) ===> Money is Stolen by the Few Who Work in Government ===> The Masses Work Harder ===> Government Raises Taxes ===> More Money is Stolen

The cycle continues ad infinitum. Basically, Kenyans bust their asses every day to put money in the pockets of government bureaucrats. Heri tu kujua vile utaingia system ukuwe jambazi pia. There is no present for being nice. If you can’t beat them…you join them. But I wouldn’t utter such statements in public nisipigwe na mawe.

That is how they keep winning. we think that we can all steal but in reality very few can steal without any consequences

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African Leaders Are Waking Up From Deep Sleep Against China & European Countries

True, we need leaders who know what they r doing[/QUOTE]

While your own people are dying and No one can send flowers or whatever.
#Puppet of whites as always
#Kunyans at the highest level of colonial mentality

Wonderful analysis. The criminals who have formed parasitic alliances with foreign capital are now waking up.

It is Labour day not fool’s day.

we need a civil war kama somalia na sudan btw most people have nothing to loose.

As long as there is foreign interference nothing we do physically has any chance. We have to start a political revolution kama public education, public shaming and mass involvement in politics.

A political mass is a dangerous thing. If our citizens know how to work with the law and get sufficiently motivated, hii nchi itaenda mbali. Remember the war siku hizi is a brain war, not a physical one.

I am talking about people taking the police to task on each and every act of police brutality, people taking their leaders to task on each and every act of corruption.

Imagine people protesting by staying at home kama vile Corona imefanya. Cheap, effective and non-violent. Unlike these rallies that always reduce their effectiveness with violence and paint the leaders as evil and selfish.

Our populations really need to get involved. Right now nothing is effective because leaders know anything against them is organized by an elite few who have no mass backing.

Right now you need money, not ideals to mobilize masses. We need to move from this and educate the masses on the importance of taking a stand.

Ofcourse, this is harder and longer than imagined

Despite being in the 21st Century, Africans and Indians still remain the easiest to enslave; Indians are so greedy and selfish that they practice incest in order to retain family wealth! Blacks, esp their leaders are so greedy that they appoint relatives as MDs/CEOs even when such relatives have no formal or informal training of note. For that reason, they remain filthy, underdeveloped mentally, socially, economically …