African Idiocy

Beings defenseless knowing very well world war 3 is coming is Bonoboism.

Ukoloni ile inakuom will make you curse your mama. It’s like the whole generation learnt zero from the last thousand years.

It reminds me of a lost fellow in Kodiaga maximum. If U can’t defend ndiasa, what being defenseless means, unauza ndiasa Wapi? Wafungwa, serikal ama nini?

Self defense ni muhimu na hamna. So itabidi ndiasa iangalie juu na mchague nani atafira.

You think we are docile like our grandparents? Wacha katambe hao wakoloni wakuje, I will take that opportunity to sodomise 1000 white girls niwazalishe 1000 chokoras. Katambe. Unless they nuke us hakuna vile watakam kutucolonise directly and whip us like they did before . We will use their parts for vodoo , unaskia trumancapote? Warn your lovers against ever trying that shit again


I am sure wakanesa if you consulted your ancestors, if you could, walikuwa na the same mkuki as defense labda umeongeza panga

Na will ,the will to do untold things to a person trying to colonise me is much higher than that of my ancestors na colonisers , my grandfathers maybe used a spear , Mimi naweza Kula mtu kama vampire and drink them dry . If that’s me imagine what kisii will do to the colonisers ? They will find totally madmen here

You assume your grandpa was docile. He was raped by force as so will you or your ilk. If anything you are more vulnerable than your grandparent. The technology he faced is 1000 times more deadly now as you still have same defense as your grandpa

The technology but western homosexuals are pussies , unless they nuke us they can’t walk around free .plus wasee kama @johntez_addi_gaza_ms will steal those weapons from them more accurately and faster .

You may assume we never learnt from history but wait , the blacks are also currently causing havoc around western countries, they are diluting the white gene and littering Europe. Hakuna colonisation inakuja


Sawa baba. Is Europe littering Africa, did they just start. How Africans live in Europe visa a v Europeans in Africa. Unajidanganya.

In this world, everybody has been there done that. Niigas in Paris and Paris in Niggas

Have you started cursing your mummy?

No motherf. You?

Nuclear warheads still being set up.