African hair

I really like fucking chics that look beautiful with their natural hair. The thing is that when a chic has natural hair you can pull her by the hair as you fuck her from the back. It’s really gratifying. Hebu jaribu kuvuta shorty weave uone kama sex itaendelea ama inaishia papo hapo.

Sawa wariahe baite…

Why pull her hair in the first place? Pulling hair is for kids. Grab her by the throat like real man.



Kila nyani na starehe zake!

vuruta fudhi basi ama za kwapa

@Bingwa Scrotum whats your qabil?

When hitting it from behind there is a way grab.

Ooh yes

Aki this hair pulling nonsense! Yes, nonsense. If you come to climb and then you try this nonsense on me, unashuka roho safi. Nkt.

Jaribu na Mimi uone kama utaeza.nashuka kama nimemaliza squad nkt

tunashuka, kwani wewe ni giant?

what about choking you and spanking you?

Neffa effa!

I happen to love my life very much and I dislike pain, so no choking. Spanking, lakini na adabu.