African govts are incompetent but what about its citizens?

Why don’t we have any global conglomeration from Africa with global reach. China is rich because of Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Haier etc South Korea Samsung, LG etc. Why do not we have any major company that has gone global from sub saharan african countries? Is it an issue of lack of entrepreneurial culture?

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Mpesa is global

Mpesa is more of a service than an exportable product that can bring in money

We have some South African MNCs founded and run by Afrikaners.

Its because our colonizers decided that Africa should not be allowed to manufacture anything because its much more profitable to have Africans produce only raw materials for export to the colonizers, they do the manufacturing then sell Africans the products at great profits

They have been able to enforce this via world bank/imf which effectively control all African economies via debt trapping them.



Si mnataka kumaliza brookside, as you complain that we are not manufacturing?


na hizi taxations investor mgani anaweza taka kuanzisha biashara huku.



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African leaders are a reflection of their own people. No rocket science hapo.

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Educated citizens be crying all daylong after talking about what they heard, what they dream of, what they admire, who they hate among others

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Hii excuse ya colonialism and a world order against Africa imetumiwa mara mob. Imeisha ladha.
Africa’s problems almost entirely arise from corruption and bad governance.


Ideas are stolen from Africa and funded in western countries hence the companies and ideas are known to be from the west.

And who props up these corrupt African leaders? Who killed Lumumba and gave them a fool by the name of Mobutu who loved shiny toys like Ruto?

Its only the African who is not allowed to remember his past. Because if he remembers he will get angry at what was done to him. So muthungu says anything to make him ashamed of remembering. And he enlists pliable africans to ensure his conditioning reaches mashinani. Tunajua watu kama nyinyi.

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What past are you talking about mblo? Did you not study history and don’t you know your past? If you don’t, it’s just a click away. We know the past and we also know that crying about it won’t help. It always comes down to the way the world is now. You must create a place for yourself in today’s world. Ukisema Africans are “not allowed”, who are we waiting for to allow us? Who “allowed” China (let’s forget their human rights violations na ujinga zingine for now), Singapore, Dubai etc. to advance? Nobody. Just forward thinking leadership ile tumekosa.

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Hiyo story imelala kama ugali ya jana. Lumumba is gone. What happened to him was tragic. He was ultimately the victim of the cold war mentality, but the cold war ended long ago. Mobutu is gone but DRC is still as corrupt and fcked as ever. The story repeats anywhere you look in Africa. Sure corruption is a problem everywhere, but in Africa, it’s endemic in every country. There is a serious problem.


Africans are low IQ chimpanzees

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The mentality towards public things must be fixed.
There are some state corporations if they were well managed they could shine world over. Lakin govt employees ni kupora tu. Kitu kama KPLC/KQ ina run poa lakini unashangaa inatoapi liabilities?

The kind of selfishness which in a normal kenyan appals everyone.
Ka shule ka primary kakoapa kana photocopier ya epson L382, msee anabeba anapeleka kwake na akuna chenye kinafanyika. He robs a kid’s future by that alone.

We vote renown thugs like Echesa, Murrkomenos, Babu Owinos, WSR, mungich Ouru, Papa wa Roma and expect results. Pple who have a track record of running down what has been existing for decades and going to, and expect something nice?

Kutoka wapi.
A society that can’t give a platform for showcase of talents. Lasma utoe kitu ndio uingie kwa team. Instead mtu anabeba maraya na io kiti ya mtu wa talent!

Mkenya haweSi piga kura na conviction yake Mwenyewe bila kupewa bribe.
That’s the society we are in.


Hapa kwa hii kijiji we have gone so far in our nuances and communication that when you ask rudimentary questions nachoka na wewe. Think whatever you want.

Think whatever you want ni kusema nini tena Elder. You read widely then little by little you make more and more incisive statements, then you don’t have to hide ignorance behind obtuse stereotypes like “Africans are subjugated” buana.