African creativity and innovation


This is Evans a talented african brother not looking for jobs but is show casing his product

Thinkers call (+27) 084 305 7038 to place orders or share to bless the brothers hustle

He is not stealing jobs…

This should be patented.

Patent before going on social media

Nice dynamic / performing art/ creativity, though I don’t get what purpose it serves

Its been done. They sell these on the streets in bangkok,this one looks quite intricate though.i will get one for my waiguru

Africans are lazy

instead ya kufanya kitu ya maana, bado anacheza na wire hapa

haya mwambieni aunde moti

Hao mash? If I can buy an unnecessary beer, I can buy a lampshade and support a brother.

Meffi tupu. Watu wanatuuzia moti walianza kwao wenyewe.

hakuna difference kati ya huyu msenge mwenzio na kipii akiunda moti na wire

Si ulog off unyeshe peke yako dadangu?

hiyo urefu yote kibaba kizima wafurahishwa na wire???


Wewe ni kipii?

Nyesha polepole shenji wewe


:smiley: :smiley:

You can make money off of laziness if you’re on the right continent! Don’t bash the guy, someone could patent his idea and make millions off it if he is naive about it. He has the concept, it just needs refinement to be a sellable product.

How strong is it? It doesn’t look like it can actually hold a keg up.



Arab wannabe stop hating