For sure Kenya we dont have minerals but Kenyan people are minerals. Wakenya we pay taxes, not over taxed but generally our tax regime is high.

Kenyans main undoing is Corruption. Devolution Ministry lost shillings 100B in 2 years. Thats 1Billion dollars.
Thats one ministry,

eneyewe Botswanas’ are trying but we r way ahead and with such a huge population Kenya is doing fine. I worked with several Botswanas’ and they are a very passive lot and never aggressive, on the other hand we are vibrant and very well educated as compared to them. We r OK just need more focus and leave tribalism bass…


That lamu engineering is being done by Chinese Engineers backed by Chinese money.

We should be comparing ourselves to successul people so as to see our real value , not the other way round. Of ourse Kenya is better than many countries , but we want to be better like successful countries.

Kenya is doing relatively well. Even when pushed by evil forces to destroy our country most Kenyans #RESIST

Yes, Botswana is generally semi arid but more than 90% of the population has access to clean piped water, if you are over 55 years of age you receive equivalence of ksh 5,000.00 every month from the government, a car costing 1M in Kenya you can easily get the equivalent or better at 400,000 in Botswana. How do you even start comparing the 2?

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From the documentary i watched it’s actually a Japanese firm and they have a partnership agreement with the Kenya govt.

B.s Botswana is a success story u can’t take that away from em

Sounds like paradise. Is it easier to make that kshs.400,000 in Botswana than in Kenya? Inequality in Kenya is quite pronounced despite Kenya being richer than Botswana. I imagine this situation is similar to one whereby a Kenyan in the U.S. will say that the place is paradise and yet there’s another a few kilometers away wishing he could go back home to Kenya.

In the daring abroad episode link below Alex Chamwada interviewed a very happy Kenyan headmistress working in Botswana. She says teachers in Kenya make next to nothing and she’s quite right… to some extent.
This is because in that very same Kenya you’ll also find a teacher working in a good private academy or in an international school earning a very good salary. Just as you’ll find a doctor who works at Aga khan clearing millions a month while a similar doctor elsewhere in Kenya is barely surviving.
A Google search on Botswana’s economy reveals that the population also suffers from poverty stemming from inequality, AIDS is rampant, illiteracy etc.

LAPSSET Corridor (Lamu Port & transport corridor) | $23billion | U/C | Page 92 | SkyscraperCity Forum

Kama wewe ni mtu wa RESIST movement nakuelewa. To you Kenya is the worst place on earth. During the inauguration yesterday there was a very angry “analyst” on NTV who even said Kenya is worse than Somalia. Well and good. And he further added that out of every 10 civil servants 8 are kikuyus. Out of every 10 lecturers, 8 are kikuyus. Sitawalaumu.

Niaje Red1Scarlet

Is ouko sure ama anapayuka tu? 100 billion shillings is not small money.


tafuta parastatal tv. they repeat that documentary almost daily. and its japanese. what I don’t remember is if its mombasa port expansion or lamu.

Uliza @vuja de

Nimwulize nini?

Maybe private healthcare. Public healthcare is in shit. Take it from someone who works in the sector

Sisi kama taxpayers from the other devide tunaweza ongelea hi maneno ya wizi ya 100b?..ama hatuna haki

Huyu si red1scarlet. Ni kama ni yule mjamaa mwingine wa kuandika essays. His handle started with p

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