Im very curious about the countries in Africa that have made it to be sucessful countries , what did they do? How did they become sucessful? What are the metrics ? A few am aware of , Botswana which got independence in 1966. First President a law graduate from Oxford - you can watch the movie United Kingdom for a depiction. Second President a Journalist ,farmer and School Teacher. Third president Oxford Economics graduate,former IMF economist,Mo Ibrahim Winner. Fourth and current President Career Soldier and Pilot.

Lets benchmark with market leaders tuone tuko wapi because you can not know where you’re going without a real life working sucess story

Sucess Metrics

  1. Upper Middle Class Economy with same living standards as Turkey and Greece
  2. Second Highest GDP per capita after Equitorial Guinea in Africa
  3. Completely free quality healthcare and education upto tertiary level and monthly student stipend of 1400 Pula
    4)The Pula is the second strongest currency after Egyptian
    5)Rated least corrupt ,safest and most secure and stable African country for investment in Africa
    6)Highest Human Development Index in Africa
    7)Only African country with a sovereign wealth fund
    8)Rated above USA in press freedom.

Let’s hear from the country’s CEO - His Excellency President Khama - Maximum Respects!!!


now i know,shukran.

The Khama’s are some the rare outliers to arguments against dynasties; the others are the Kenyattas. Hio ingine yote ni saitan

Natural resources and a small population.

You forget that Botswana is the 2nd largest diamond exporter in the world after Russia and the home base of the famous De Beers

The country is also one of Africa’s leading tourist destinations with plenty of wild animals and a forest cover of 21℅ due to sparse population. In Kenya our forest cover is a measely 8%.

With so much money generated in foreign exchange in a country with a population that is almost half of Nairobi: 2.25m people, we cannot compare with Kenya.

Also note that Botswana is larger than Kenya when it comes to landmass but has a population of 2.3m against an estimated 45m in Kenya





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Vile @grandpa amesema

Two wrongs here. 1) Having a strong currency is not a success metric. Otherwise Eritrea can be considered as a success because their currency is stronger than our shilling 2) The Egyptian Pound is not the strongest currency in Africa.
But overall Botswana is doing good.

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You can have all those wealth but still be poor if you mismanage those resources.



  • They don’t have a ralia odinga to cause chaos and sabotage the economy

Angola also has a sovereign wealth fund. Ditto Libya and Namibia.Greece and Turkey?? But for them being in the E.U they might as well be 4th world countries! Their welfare states makes them seem to be well off but that’s not the case. Not a very good yardstick for good living!

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Kuna mtu amesema Botswana is bigger than Kenya hapo ame-exaggerate. They are more or less the same size with Kenya at 580,367 square km. and Botswana at 581,730 square km.
Be that as it may hapa hakuna comparison. That desert called Botswana (most of Botswana is desert) is an economic dwarf compared to Kenya. Usidharau Kenya this country is fucking rich. Botswana even steals our doctors. Even resource wise they can’t touch Kenya. Have you seen the level of engineering being done at Kenya’s port in lamu? They’re reclaiming the sea the sort of engineering you only see in super power countries.

How many countries have you seen building a cross country railway line of late?


valuable minerals. Kenya survives on sheer willpower

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how we survive without a minerals,remains a phenomenon to me,or maybe its because i am not an economist.


Hata hii sgr ya Tanzania imekwama. wanashinda wakilaunch. Trying to compete with Kenya is dangerous to your health Mr. Magufuli. Your coffers will go broke trying to compete with an elephant. The most damage Magufuli could do to Kenya is confiscate cows.

Just look at the guns the Kenyan soldiers carry then compare to the Nigerian soldiers who wear sleepers.

There’s an article today about the new Watamu apartments at the coast going for between 45 and 140 million! That in a country said to be poor.


SO why can’t DRC and Nigeria survive with their vast mineral resources? Let’s give credit where due. You can have all the resources but with rampant corruption and mismanagement those resources will only benefit a few individuals and leave the rest of the population living in squalor conditions



Are we competing on how much we can accumulate debt through corrupt projects?

Can you substantiate your claim that Tanzania sgr has failed to start?

Kenya cant compare to Botrswana, yeah they have resources but as an economy we are way ahead

Our electricity grid supply is way high

Healthcare yetu iko tops, tho expensive, but still very upbeat and dependable

Our infrastructure is to die for, not rubbing in the fact that Botswana is generally a desert where they did The gods must be crazy but you get the drift

Kenya is doing fine, we just have to trim some inequities here and there and we can rise to the ranks of SA and Nigeria.


Si vitu zingine ni obvious, wewe mwenyewe unaona ni nini tanzania watabeba na hio reli? What will they use it for? To carry what? Wanadhani kujenga reli ni jokes.

They are competing with an elephant and they know it but they’ll be damned to admit it. Uhuru will leave and Magufuli will be left still looking for investors to start the project. He’ll be left relaunching giving his 10th relaunch speech.

As far as debt goes. What country doesn’t have debt? Plus this is money that has been utilized well. What’s wrong with thika road or the outerring road for instance? They are pretty good investments.

Wachana na david ndii and his many hypothesis he’s just a hungry, angry man.

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The Apartments niza Hemingways there just neighbours to Hemingways Watamu,which is set for re opening on mid December.

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