African countries should use genetic engineering of humans to boost development.

African governments should look into eugenics to boost development. Despotic and corrupt regimes in Africa already don’t have morals. If a shithole like Uganda can come up with a covid vaccine they can come up with other things. Medical research and development should be focused on genetics. We can use this knowledge to improve the African population. Such programs need to be rolled out across the continent. No longer will the negro be inept, downtrodden an looked down upon. With population declining in the developed world it could help negros get an upper hand in the global economy. Imagine if we could make the Kenyan population 50% smarter, stronger and more resistant to diseases. It would be amazing.

Forced sterilisation is the only solution

This won’t go down well with the populations. I propose we should just make a drug that makes people less fertile and inject it to people ukisema ni vaccine ya ugonjwa flani. But that is not enough. You should make people smarter by doing this in areas with low IQ populations halafu uwache watu werevu wa baki normal.

[SIZE=5]Your suggestions are too far fetched.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]African countries must first address the elephant in the room, corruption, and all else will fall in place.[/SIZE]

I’ve seen some asinine stuff on this forum but eh…this takes the cake.

I will give a damn about African problems when am in a position to do shit about it.

Meanwhile, wacha nifuatane na land whales za rexxsenga.

With a name like cheekbusta!

Better education and social services improve IQ. We dont need whatever you are proposing

Stricter laws to curb corruption and enhance integrity would be a more important step.

Kwani uafrika ni rangi pekee? Are you ready to be a brown artificial being to prove a point to the world? Whose standards are you aiming for anyway? As pointed out, Africans are already good for the world, african leaders ndio wanatuangusha.

vote wisely… choose your leaders well and africa will be saved… hizo vitu zingine ni nonesense