African Countries Need Nuclear Weapons

With the unfolding events, African leaders should strive to acquire nuclear weapons for defence, a deterrent against any and all potential adversaries else we can be attacked and we wont be able to defend ourselves.
This will not help either.

Imagine countries like Somalia with nuclear weapons. Si Alshabaab will use it unprovoked then say allahu akbar

We will kill each other huku.

A very bad idea given the frequent coups and irrational leaders here.

We need to denuclearize the world.

Do you go to bed thinking about Al Shabab? Idiot. They barely know how to put together an IED without blowing themselves up.

Anyway terrible idea from OP. Africa is currently the only continent in the word (technically Australia too) without nukes. If there ever was a nuclear war that breaks out Africa may be the only place spared from such attacks.

What we do need to work on is a continent wide revision of colonial borders along ethnic and linguistic ties to reduce tensions and potential conflicts. The south sudan/Sudan split was a good start but we have a long way to go.

If you want NFD back so bad, fight us for it.

Jaba base insights, kama tribalism imetushinda…

Assuming apartheid Sud Afrika really did do away with its burgeoning nuclear arsenal, bonobo OS v.1.1 shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near even a tactical nuke. OP utajua Fallout sio acclaimed action RPG pekee :smiley:

Pale UNSC voting India,china na UAE abstained voting. Kenya na hii kimbelembele voting about condemning Russia and their master. Russia using its veto hio resolution hivyo ndivyo ilikunywa mawoyes.

Wangekuwa nazo lakini Nelson Mandela alikua sellout, spineless eunuch

Place is a barren dessert and not worth fighting for.

Anyway I’m actually of the opinion NFD being part of Kenya has actually been a huge blessing in disguise & actually beneficial to Somalia & Somali’s in general, especially after the civil war. NFD being part of Kenya is the only reason a Somali can walk around Nairobi without being automatically deported for being a foreigner :smiley:

Thats putting the cart before the horse. Africa should build itself first economically and unite. Then we can talk of nukes.

Imagine if Tz had nukes in magufuli’s time. With his hatred for Kenya, Nairobi would be in ashes right now. Ama if Mugabe had them… he would have bombed white farms in Zimbabwe itself and elsewhere in Africa. He may even have lobbed some Nukes to England to bomb Tony Blaire’s house

This man really hated Britain and whites. But I think in his old age, he had lost it upstaires:

SA destroyed their Nuclear arsenal before handing power to the natives. It’s almost impossible for 3rd world countries to achieve nuclear , even for energy generation.
Look Iran how it has struggled, Pakistani starved it’s population to acquire the same, either Malaysia or Indonesia was swindled big time while trying to achieve the same.
Jungu’s have no problem sharing science and technological advances amongst themselves. I doubt the Chinese developed their Nuclear power from scratch. @Sambamba your insight please.

We first need enough food. Africa isn’t mature enough to handle nuclear stones. Let’s stick with bows and arrows.

We need nuclear power plants kwanza ya Ku generate electricity alafu tuseti pale Chalbi desert.Africans should collectively decide who to have nuclear weapons in our continent for future defence.Kenya and Ghana in my opinion are well disciplined and should be given those powers.

Mko na maji ya kunywa mkabashisha maji ya cooling nuclear plants?

Africa is a dumpsite for nuclear waste … Si juzi kuna hiyo meli ilishikwa imejaa nuclear waste coming to be dumped in kenya. …alafu mnashindwa magonjwa funny funny inatoka wapi. Some of the pesticides we use in our farms were banned years ago in Western countries. Better tungeishi jungle style like before.

I suspect Australia has nukes within it’s borders, which may not “belong” to them technically but ziko anyway.

Nuclear Power is definitely needed in Africa if we want to industrialize as fast a we can we’ll need energy in large amounts for smelting ore from Kenya, Congo & generally Africa as a whole which has all the minerals we need for all our technology needs ,Nuclear weapons for Africa is Vision 2063, there’s not nearly enough political, economic stability for hosting let alone owning a nuclear weapon.

China was given the technology by USSR and then helped Pakistan acquire them also. Israel stole the technology from USA.