African Community, is it even a thing?

I wondered what girlciki93 was doing this holidays. Welcome back.

Leo dea umenoa, what you have quoted is actually courtesy n most communities wordwide wuld do the same esp respect for the aged.

not true. You’ll find in wealthier settings kids have first serving, because we build our society for kids.
Imagine mtoto anasimama 20mins kwa matatu na wazee wamekaa tu hapo. It shouldn’t be normal.
How will such a kid be positive? Akikosa unamchapa, chakula anaserve after wewe ati juu umenunua. Kwa gari anasimama na gari ni ya kuskia mrao hahahaha. Let’s be fair

Africans are their own worst enemies however on a larger scale than that being said here.

once again, the title and the content therein…

I think culture is something we should embrace, as long as it doesn’t infringe on our human rights. For instance, if kids are forced to give up their seats to grownups, it’s okay because, “will they die?” One day they will be older and they will demand the same privileges. And as usual, the cycle continues.

Waafrika tunakuanga mbele (au nyuma) pamoja.

I thought People don’t simama in public transport anymore.

However, standing up for an adult,an elderly person or a handicapped person is a sign of respect. It should be a moral choice made by the child.

When it comes to food, as a mother and a wife,my husband comes first, then my babies and lastly me.
This can only change if the food is limited(especially in some functions) hapo ndio kids come first.

In an emergency situation, children will always come first.

Sisi tulikua tunasimama and we are still normal human beings unlike wewe uko na akili punguani… unakaa wale wamama wajinga saa zote my baby this… my baby that!

hiyo bitterness yote ni ya nini? Kwani unataka kuwa pilipili tukulambe eishhhh. It’s just a thread take a chill pill

ni trash talk my dear never take what I write seriously

hahahaha owkay, whatever you say boss

ni kutafuta material ya ngasetti nilikua nataka kuku setup naona nimefail

ngasseti iko juu btw

You’ve been caught in your feelings ukageuza story :D:D

Mzee this song will always remind me of you. You are the dude peeping at JLO while she is doing some laundry…

But for real if you’re serious about this ‘observation’, si you try and avoid having kids for the future generations’ sake?