African Community, is it even a thing?

There’s this myth that Africans have a superior communal sense that they never leave each other behind. But facts show different. Really.

  1. In Africa adults serve food first, picking the best pieces, and kids serve second. Don’t lie guys, najua wengi tulikula home cooked steaky ya kuku when in upper primary lol. We used to see in Matatus as well. Ati jibaba akae kwa kiti mtoto wa primary asimame even if amelipa fare.
    Is conditioning the future generation like that communal? Or just expected African short-sightedness?

It’s called courtesy you uncultured swine

Is eating the drum stick such a big deal. Sema vitu za maana

The thread and the examples you have used ni Kama tezi na omo.

Sadness of life… Mathree ya mwisho kwenda ocha alafu juu mtoi amelipa na mimi na miaka yangu 70 nisimame for the next 50 kms kwa barabara za ocha…Tawe

The self hating African!

lol naah kids take precedent

it’s called an analogy you phenomenal dumbass

Drum stick hukuliwa…ebu sema kiero kya nguku!!!

Try again…you glutton bitch. All you can think of is a drum stick. C’mon you can do better than that.

Hahaha kuna difference gani?

ona, nimechoka.good night

Hata kunawa mzae ananawa mikono first.
Riding with my Dad in a mat there was a look he used to give that made me learn to give up my seat without question.
Slay Queen nasumbua sisi ati ohh, “Mortein Doom,” na saa hizo weave yake inanuka mosquito coil.

This is the thickest mud I have seen today. The use of the term “myth” in this context makes me want to have a look at your grades.

These small things teach one to be humble.

Umesahau truffles (Matumbo)!

Good night


Haha seriously? It’s not humility or respect lol. Kids are supposed to enjoy the joys of life meeen before they grow into the day to day drudgery. Let them be hopeful about the future.
@introvert your dad should stand and let you sit (ukiwa mtoi). A kid can’t handle that harshness it’s like when you step on a puppy by mistake. The puppy doesn’t understand why you step on it though hajakufanyia kitu despite your apologies or intentions.
It’s the same here. The kid doesn’t understand why he/she has to put up with some hierachy he/she doesn’t understand. I’m sorry but we bring up our kids wrong and it’s telling

lol cool no hard feelings