African Christians and Self-hate

I have realised that African christians are the worst and suffer from most self hate, inferiority complex… In U.S the African christians like the Nigerian Igbos/Yorubas hate African Americans the most and are always starting fights… Infact most Igbos/Yorubas in U.S associate themselves more with conservative jungus and support Trump because he hates muslims as they hate their muslim brothers and sister in Northern Nigeria. But the African Americans don’t have problem with muslim west Africans such as Hausas/Fulani, Guineans, etc. Most of these groups keep for themselves, marry each other and dont cause noise unlike African christians whom are selfhaters…

While i was in France, the best africans i met were from french speaking muslim africa like Malians and Senegalese. They didn’t suffer from self hate and were proud of their heritage. Infact what i got and heard is that for many christian Africans in France its regarded as an insult to ask them where they are from, in which they will reply ‘‘France’’. I actually asked this to an african female ( descedent of christian Africa) and she ended up yelling at me in the bus station. But i didn’t have any issues with Senegalese women whom are the most beautiful women in the world.

In U.K the African descedent christians have made the nation the biggest interracial country in Europe because they love procreating with jungus instead with their own. I actually dated a Nigerian Yoruba girl for a while. She was very religious, or faithful as she put it. She hated the muslims in Nigeria and blamed them for the countries condition. She also said she would never date nigerian men and would point out how ‘‘different’’ and romantic i was from other African men in which i had to correct her several times. Because she was a christian, said she wanted to take things slow in which i had no issues with, but after a while she tells me how she used to get shagged by a jungu and then got caught together by his wife. African christian women are the easiest prey for jungus, just look at Kenya… Anyway, I left that bedwench and never looked back.

African christians needs to stop the self hate… Self hate is a real issue… What i admire about the west african muslims too like in Senegal is that they create their own unique names for themselves too. In Kenya you have blacks going around and proudly calling themselves John, Gabriel and Stewart, while in Senegal they change Muhammed to Mamadou and Ahmed to Amadou and thus create their own unique of style names that is only found there. Stop the self christian africans.

Si uhamie senyegal the last time I checked you don’t need a visa.

Hii kijiji. Kama uko na heartburn muone daktari. Hii machungu ya kila siku itamalisa watu aki ya nani

You really have your priorities messed up!

I expected you would tell us how you went to France and landed a tender to manufacture Peugeot cars in Senegal and today you are a millionaire and you smoke only the finest cigars…

… instead you are telling us you went to France in search of Senegalese circumcised pussy called Mamadou…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Mamadou Ikishuta inatoa dust ya Sahara Desert.

Yeah I have seen the videos. They still circumcise their girls with a Nacet razor blade. Nasty humans.


I keep telling you over and over again, dont infest threads with your low IQ rhetorics.

But you yourself you are infesting the website with threads of unusually low IQ thinking…

King James of England rewrote the Bible to suit his nations needs in the 1600s. England reformed its Roman Catholic church in 1867. They renamed it the Anglican church (Anglo is the tribe of England). Germany also broke Away from Roman Catholic church years before.

Roman Catholic church was basically their colonizer’s church. So they had to make some changes to the Holy Book to accommodate their tribal needs.

These decisions were crucial to the ideological shift in Europe.

If that situation were to play out in today’s Kenya, it would be like Uhuru Kenyatta rewriting the Bible and calling it “Uhuru Kenyatta Version” and after that collapsing all churches under one church… let’s call it “Kanisa ya Raiyaa”.

Do you really envision that happening in Kenya? Nope. People would go mad and scream blasphemy. But it might happen 200 years from now when us Africans have finally grown out of out diapers.

Point is, an ideological shift is crucial for changing the course of a culture…as has been proven by history. But right now most of Africa is still mentally incapacitated.

@mbaki wa Kinoo:

Your initial posts on race issues were very sober and well analyzed. Of late, you sound like that 74 year old mzito huko majuu having twitter meltdowns against CNN, fake media, Islam, Muchina and even the sun itself.

This thing called racism and nyeuthi complicity in it has been with us since infinity BC (as you well pointed out with the Bakongo)

Take a chill pill, ma maaan!!! Dont burst a vein

African Christians are basically conservative and identify closely with Christian conservative and evangelical values e.g. anti-LGBT, pro-life etc.

African traditional values are also largely conservative - so it’s about being aligned and sharing common ground.

It certainly ain’t about self hate.

Kenya would also probably have a similar problem as Nigeria if we had 50% Muslim population.

anglo is the “tribe” of England? you donnow shit

they are a mix of vikings, saxons, natives and old western france inhabitants.

and not all Africans are mentally incapacitated, just the majority

@mbakuthesupreme wewe ni mbuzi

Mbuzi ya gredi ama kienyeji.

not since infinity, but since colonization

notice how the east Asians too bleach their skins to look whiter, a tradition that was class-based since long ago, when they considered white as superior, the rest brown skinned Chinese people as surbodinates

In Japan they are actually xenophobic towards all migrants, jungus, africans, other asians…

I know… I have already said this earlier that most african descedent, even african americans, are socially conservatives… The key word is socially conservative… But that has nothing to do with self hate… Stop the self hate… Senegal is the 6th biggest democracy in subsaharan Africa and is 96% muslim… stop this self hate. Even Tanzania is 35% muslim…

as well as black saffre guys. most xenophobic

how do you know?? and Christianity is not close to what we had. Christianity is all about greed and individualism completely opposite our traditions. Infact Islam is closer to African traditions

Now I know.

It’s not meant to be an insult. We study the wrong things in school.