African banking systems SA

Hii kitu tulichambua…Africa needs to understand what money is and why it will forever be poor under the USD…only one way out…kuelewa pesa

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Should Kenya be among the african countries lining up to join BRICS ?

Even if joining BRICS was in Kenya’s best interests, would our masters allow us to join ?

The master will never allow the slave to be free…and India should be removed…it’s a snitch state kama 254…

That said…the USD hegemony is easier wished away than done with… especially for bottom feeders with no ambition like 254

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The US dollar is backed by the U.S. military. To usurp the dollar, you need to have matching military might which most nations lack.

Any nation that threatens to free itself from U.S control (circumventing USD use) is invaded and the leader is deposed. Case in point Libya’s Gadaffi.


The Chinese are doing a great job pumping the United sodomites of anarchy with fentynl so that 30% of the homosexuals turn into zombies.
The greatest threat to world peace is the United States of Apartheid.
The greatest threat to African growth is stupid leaders with no values ,corrupt to the core and tribalism