African and their shitty borders

Today I was thinking, if you wanted to test the IQ of two kids, you would give them a simple object and ask them to draw it. The best picture would help you determine which kid will be what in future. Some goes with borders. If you at kenyan borders versus borders in developed nations, their borders seem logical. Ours look like they were drawn by some angry kid with turret’s . Maybe just maybe the proof is in the borders

Borders are usually not drawn from imagination, they mostly rely on the unique terrain of a region. Landmarks such as hills, mountains and rivers are what is often used. If you are going to accuse someone of having low IQ at least try to be informed first and check your own.

Umeniangusha…and the way I was looking forward to an informed piece why arbitrarily drawn colonial borders are a hindrance to free movement of African goods and people

Wowowo! hii nikutukana mtu bila kumuita…NGUI!

And that,from someone called @Mediocre is a kick in the nuts.

Your type of thinking shows you suffer from inferiority complex believing the white man way is better than our own ways of doing things, fucking house negro mentality

Arbitrarily drown colonial borders wouldn’t be a hindrance to anyone but a weak, stupid, submissive, gullible group of people who uphold borders carelessly drawn up by others.

What African way of doing things do you think are better than white way of doing things?

@Micymas, I’ve had it with your half-baked shit. Bye.

Sir, you are over-doing this shit. I can tell you a million and one ways Blacks are better than Whites. A million and one ways.

Give me a couple of ways black are better. This i would love to hear

For a start we have a better sense of community, are way better conservationists which is why we have all the wildlife, and have way, way less serial killers.

May be you see me bashing negroes and think I subscribe to your shit; fact is the negro is superior to the White in virtually all ways - physical, mentally, emotionally etc etc but these strengths are also our weaknesses. We are not hungry enough for individual success and tend to have a herd mentality.


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People, @GUKA 's pacemaker is overheating in indignation… He did not call some people son. A first people. A first.

Niko hapa…n this guy, I respect u…mad, silent but lethal sweeps…and I quote ’ If you are going to accuse someone of having low IQ at least try to be informed first and check your own.

We are superior in that we have less insecurities and neuroticism, that is true. I think a great black man can be better than a great white man but they are so rare as to be meaningless. In everything else we are vastly inferior.

A sense of community would be the all white towns I drive through where white people will have a little table set up in their front yard with eggs from their chickens and a place to leave cash.
Some have a little library in their front yard that is just a book case where you leave a book take a book. Some grow tea and herbs and put it out front and you take what u want and leave the money. Some grow flowers.
These mzungus will have stores in these neighbourhoods where you just walk in grab milk and bread and whatever and put ur money in a bowl and leave. Nobody there to man it. Can you imagine doing that in kenya?
They leave their doors unlocked and their garages with thousands of dollars worth of equipment and expensive bikes and toys open. They leave their expensive toys and bikes out on the yard with no fear…you have no idea about community.
Some of these towns don’t even have police departments. No crime no need for cops with no n****rs around.

Watch this short video and see the kind of community mzungus create and tell me if there is one place in kenya or one place in all of africa that can even compare

There are whole places in Europe that are like this

I remember growing up in central kenya we lived in a good neighbourhood but we still had a large gate with sharp spikes and metal bars on the window and dogs because dirty thieving negros would come a long ways just to steal and come they did.

@FieldMarshal CouchP as far as conservation you have negros all over africa eating insane amounts of bushmeat and doing everything they can to drive gorillas and other animals extinct it is people like diana fosey that have kept them alive.

You are right the white man did drive many animals.extinct but you are insane if you think the negro wouldn’t do so if they could.
You are also insane if you dont think they are doing so right now there are whole jungles in central africa where nothing moves everything living has been killed and eaten.
There is a mass extinction going on right now in Africa.

As far as serial killers don’t be silly. Who needs serial killers when you have a continent full of negros

Unatrolliwa na ile Borana jinga.

Hmmm Kenyan Boarders have nothing to do with IQ.It has everything to do with people thinking they can do it better by changing it.No matter how well its drawn not everyone will appreciate.

In the same central Kenya you claim to come from, before the white man destroyed our good old ways there existed ‘ikûmbī’. These structures were constructed on the pathway and specifically they were used to donate farm produce to aid travellers.

If you had to travel maybe from murang’a to nyeri or to any other place you needed not to carry any good. It was never reported of any act of stealing, this was despite no one Manning the ikumbi. These are what the white man destroyed so that you will continue worshipping him.

The last of this structures could have last survived in south muranga. This is testimonial with a place named after the renowned structure. Ikûmbî.