African Americans Get Emotional Whenever They Visit Ghana's Door Of No Return

This is one of the passages where their forefathers passed through on their way to the Yuess




One day we’ll have a conversation with the eugenics descendants

Event horizon in black holes terms


Ghana, Senegal, Kenya (Shimo la Tewa) etc, millions passed through those portals

Mbona siku hizi umekuwa so salty buana?

what forefathers? hapana tambua watu weak kama mababu zenu

@sani amewaambia why it’s meaningless… Emotions za nini na ni fellow Africans who were raiding and selling slaves…

Meaningless because there are no lessons learned.

Meaningless because weak species have always been dominated, enslaved and wiped up by stronger ones.

Very emotional anywhere

@Sambamba has said it all. No need to add anything else.

These same black Americans kill each other mercilessly, so fuck em. Hawawezi saidika hata kidogo. Ni watu meffi sana.


Kuna mama nimeona hapo naweza pita na yeye mbaya sana.

It was business nothing personal…


The ones who are able to travel are well educated and fairly rich, not hoodlums

Passing through after being captured and sold by their fellow Mwafrika

wale ndugu zetu walienda arabia through East African slave trade ya kina Omani arabs Tippu Tip walipotelea wapi ? hakuna hata descendants wao banae .

then some fools here have the guts to call the whiteman the devil and the Arab a brother. ato ooohhhh Israelis are killing palestinians, kill them all .

those filthy arabs killed , cut off the balls of all blacks in their population .

to me an arab is the lowest of creatures beneath a cockroach. atleast the whiteman spared the african slaves to procreate , atleast there were some sane white people in power to contain the eugenics fools . but among the arabs they all sat down and agreed to finish the whole [SIZE=7]17 million[/SIZE] africans who went to arabia in the slave trade . do simple maths and ARABS KILLED 30 MILLION africans during that slave Trade . fuck the arab shitttttt .

@LuandaMagere @Ndindu

MBWA sana hao camel fuckers. They used to castrate slaves ndio wasizalishe.
Blacks ambao ni descendants wa slave wako in Arab countries but they are hidden sana ;they are to be seen not heard.

I was surprised kujua kuna Afro-Palestinians

Afro Iraqis

It was bad business. we should have used them as our slaves

Hakuna better all of them are devils. but i dont think they took as many slaves as europeans they werent rich