African American NFL athlete beats his wife.

I guess African Americans huwa wanaonewa, sio @Ndindu ?

Ni kuonewa, sio @LuandaMagere ?


If races were reversed that city would be burning nice and hot.

@TrumanCapote your theories are valid.

CNN, GOOGLE, TWITTER and FACEBOOK trying to kill the story.

She could’ve landed on her baby who was on the sofa. This is not the first beating:

[ATTACH=full]398827[/ATTACH] incident began when the former football player visited his son at his ex’s house at around 2pm on Saturday. But once there, he flew into a jealous rage and attacked his ex, punching her multiple times in the head before dragging her from the couch and throwing her into the TV, which then fell on her Stacy’s ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans and his ex-girlfriend Evans

[ATTACH=full]398825[/ATTACH] joined the Jets in 2015 and previously played two seasons for the St. Louis Rams

Hii ni machungu ya upkeep money… you are paying 20k dollars per month, na nyumba yako umewacha, when you go to see your son, unakutana na kiatu size 17 kwa nyumba yako…

Police not interested in arresting a famous African American athlete.


Hio keja ni slum buda. Ona kule fridge iko right next to the small sitting room. Dining iko 1 meter away. Plus she has two kids. Hardly the house expected of an nfl athlete’s ex wife. Sitting room partitioned with a curtain.

When she was pregnant he punched her and threw her through the window. Twitter is now trying censor the video because it doesn’t suit the woke agenda. Team wokeness wanajaribu ku blame nfl. Shifting blame.

Huyo mzungu alidhani ameangukia :D:D
Now she’s living in a one bedroom in the ghetto getting beaten by a brain damaged animal.:D:D:D

Kila mtu akule kwao.

cte inamaliza vijana bana


Totally destroys your leftist woke narratives that all blacks be they famous or not are always arrested by the police.

Mbona huyu hashikwi and he is a black man?

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy is on the run following a domestic violence incident at his Florida home over the weekend involving his ex-girlfriend, police said Thursday.

Stacy appeared to beat his girlfriend in an incident at their home over the weekend. The video appeared to show Stacy throwing the woman into a television stand and being hit, according to TMZ Sports. The gossip site, citing a restraining order application, reported that the woman said he punched her several times in the head.

Only a moron like Patricia would bring up race in such a situation.

What if it was a big white man beating a slim black girl who is begging for mercy?

Mastima angepin hio thread naby now ingekuwa page 19 of bitter comments strewn with the usual photos of slavery. Photos taken by activists. Ndindu would be the first to comment demanding that the great satan must fall. ACAB

Upuss.Lalisha mcoosh and stop getting upset over made up scenarios in your head.

When did Andy ngo get a fag flag?

This is a former football player. Last played in 2018. And sports players if you are not playing, there’s no money coming in, you need a regular job. That’s probably why the baby mama lives in those conditions. Running backs don’t make that much especially as a backups. So sio mtu wa kusifiwa sana. With a video like this, Kapote won’t report to work for a week.

Just a little payback for the 400 years of slavery :smiley:

Whites are weak, genetically inferior creatures

Not true. Have you ever played sports against white men. Boss Utashangaa. First time I learnt was playing rugby against whites. Later in college. If not, do you watch UFC. You will realize all races are equal in strength. Where one surpasses another , is skill.

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Are pygmies the same as 7 foot Nubians kinguvu even tough they are all bleck?