African American- Black Power

I do not want to derail the thread started yesterday by @TrumanCapote on Chrisette Michelle. But it points to the power of the African American when they are united on a common cause or hate. The same unity of purpose was also evident when African Americans turned out in record numbers to vote for Obama (twice) as the US President. Hilary Clinton thought she could inherit this “Democrat Party vote” base but it turned it was a “Black vote” for Obama.

In Africa, we also witnessed the total solidarity Africans countries against the White, Afrikaner, Apartheid rule in South Africa. The KANU government had elements that secretly supported the KABURUS. However, our passport on the first page had a stamped notation to the effect that the passport could be used to travel anywhere in the world “EXCEPT SOUTH AFRICA”.
May be our resident Elder Statesman, @Meria Mata can find a picture of a Kenyan passport with that exception on travel to South Africa. I believe a Kenyan passport issued in 1980 still had that emphatic statement.

If I may digress, in the 1950’s and 60’s British Colonial Kenya there was a generation of Kenyan leaders who also united in kicking out the British Kaburus, with no sympathy for tribal politics. So unity can be achieved even at the right moment in history. That unity of purpose to develop as one country as opposed to fragments of tribe is now an illusion.

have searched in my TBT vault sijapata hio PP, lakini kipata takusshtua.
sande sana

Asante… mimi piya nita wauliza hawa jamaa who moved to Trumpland in the late 70’s na early 80’s. Wale trump anaita illegals, vile hawaja chukwaa new Kenya passports…

my mum’s passi had that stamp. i always found it weird.